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Our in-depth reviews and ratings pinpoint the top gambling sites. Terms and conditions affecting the bonus offers available websites for sports betting you vary by location. Please consult the sportsbook website directly to view the most up-to-date terms bettingpro lays review and herald conditions regarding the bonus offers outlined on this page. We put betting sites through an extensive vetting process to ensure they meet our strict criteria for a top 5 rating. Our list of best sites is carefully selected to balance bonus amount, cash-out speed, safety plus a host of other factors so you have the best online gambling experience. Every sportsbook sign-up bonus and promotion on this site is tested personally so you can be sure there are no issues in claiming what you see. Compare the best offers from the most trusted sportsbooks online in one place.

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Mma live betting online

Early lines and in-play betting are also very handy features since these may increase the value of your bets. Often there are live streaming services you can take advantage of. The bookmakers would move the lines for the in-play markets frequently, giving punters have the chance to accept or decline the updated odds. The online bet slip works the same way as those in landbased bookmaking shops, only it is more convenient since there is no need to leave the comfort of your home.

You can add one or more single bets and the software would have your winnings calculated depending on the odds and the sum you have staked. Building parlays with multiple selections is also an option. The bet slip enables you to track all your betting activity since it contains information on your open bets, parlays, and settled bets. Pretty much everything you need to stay in control of your MMA wagers is right there, in one place. The people you have invited to the group can help you build your parlay by adding new selections.

You select the market and specify the number of selections each group member can add. MMA fans who take their betting activities on the web will also benefit from the cash-out feature. This is a very important functionality offered by premium betting sites since it enables you to secure a profit or cut down on your losses before a fight is resolved.

This is usually the best course of action if you feel like the tables have turned during a live fight and the chances of you winning have significantly dropped. You can normally find the button for the early cash-out in your bet slip — it is displayed right next to the qualifying unsettled wagers.

There is the option to accept an early payout at adjusted odds or cash out only some of your pending wager and leave the rest run. MMA mavens who like to bet online are catered to with different odds formats — fractional, decimal, and moneyline.

You can switch the default format from the drop-down menu that is normally positioned either next to the bet slip or below the available MMA markets. Below, we explain how each format works. Of course, MMA betting sites also need to profit which is why the odds they post never reflect the true probability of a given fighter winning.

The bookmakers adjust the odds in a manner that allows them to pocket a commission also called vigorish or juice from each bet they accept. But there are additional factors that may affect the odds for MMA events. If a betting site takes way too much action on one of the two fighters involved in a match, they will change the odds for the other side to handle the increase in betting volume.

American, or moneyline odds are the default format in US-friendly sportsbooks. Along with the decimal odds, the moneyline is the simplest form of odds expression to work with. Here is an example of what an MMA line looks like:. There are two different formulae for profit calculation depending on whether you bet on the favorite or the underdog.

MMA may be hugely popular across the United States but there are also fans of the sport throughout Europe where sports bettors have their odds quoted either as fractions or as decimals. The fractional format can best be described as a reflection of the ratio between your winnings and your stake.

Fractional odds are mostly used across the United Kingdom and Ireland, which is why they are often called British or UK odds. They are quoted like this:. The number to the left, or the numerator, reflects the amount the stake yields if your wager is successful.

It is worth mentioning the original wager is not included here. Decimals are the most common format of odds expression used throughout the world. These are even simpler than the moneyline, which explains why they dominate online sportsbooks. Below is an example of an outright winner bet with odds expressed in the decimal format:. Odds of 2. Odds under 2. The rule of thumb here is the higher the decimal number is, the bigger the payout you collect but the smaller the likelihood of your bet turning out a winner.

The biggest advantage of using decimal odds is that this format makes it unbelievably easy to calculate your overall returns from a winning bet. So in the above example with Neal and Muhammad, Neal is the favorite since he is assigned the smaller odds. Muhammad as the underdog is assigned bigger odds of 2. When selecting a good MMA betting site, it is critical for you to check whether it is mobile compatible.

Each and every day, more and more bettors are choosing to punt on their smartphones as this comes with a variety of benefits. For one, you will never miss out on the opportunity to cash in on an MMA market with a good price, especially if you are into betting on the in-play markets where the odds are adjusted throughout the entire course of the fights.

Mobile punters generally have a choice from two options. They can load their favorite MMA sportsbook in their mobile browsers or install a downloadable iOS or Android application, if available. The mobile apps of the best MMA betting sites offer roughly the same functionalities as those available via the desktop version.

You will benefit from a simple-to-use betting menu and a search bar that enables you to find all MMA markets, teams, and prices with a few quick taps. There is also the option to punt on dozens of in-play MMA markets as you go. The great thing about this exhilarating combat sport is that it offers a suitable betting option for everyone looking to punt on it.

You want to back your favorite fighter? No problem, go ahead. Or maybe you are confident enough in your knowledge of the sport to try and predict the method of victory for a given fight? You can do that with zero hassles. In this section, we provide some valuable insights into the most popular bet types at MMA betting sites.

This will give MMA betting rookies a good idea of some of the most widespread options they can punt on until they gain sufficient experience. More seasoned bettors can read about different bet types they can experiment with.

This is the simplest and most common wager you can possibly make on MMA. Also known as the outright winner bet , this wager requires nothing more than picking the fighter you think will prevail in a given clash. There are only two options for you to pick from per match.

The exact method of victory for example by submission, knockout or decision is irrelevant in this case. This renders moneyline bets the perfect option for MMA betting novices. Here is an example of a moneyline bet for an upcoming fight between Ortiz and Benavidez, where the latter is considered the favorite and the former is the underdog:. The best aspect of betting on the MMA moneyline is that unlike soccer, draw and no-contest bets get refunded so you will not lose a cent of your stake.

Moneyline bets are available on all main-card and under-card events from the UFC, the Bellator, and other organizations promoting the MMA. Also referred to as total rounds, this market is another great option for less seasoned bettors. You are not required to pick an outright winner — who wins the fight is perfectly irrelevant here.

Your purpose is to try and predict whether the clash will last longer or shorter than the time posted by the betting site. You bet the over side if you are confident the fight will end after three or more rounds. However, if you think there is a higher likelihood of the clash ending in fewer than two rounds, you must bet the under. Make the correct prediction and you win the bet. This is a slightly more advanced but still very popular type of MMA bet. Your purpose here is to predict how a given fight will finish.

This bet type requires more knowledge of the sport but gives you the chance to make your betting experience more exciting. Punters have a choice from several methods of victory — knockout KO or technical knockout TKO also known as stoppage, submission, and decision. There is no need for you to pick an outright winner here.

A typical method-of-victory bet looks like this:. The higher the likelihood for a specific result to occur, the lower the odds the bookmaker offers for this outcome and vice versa. The odds for a given fighter on the outright winner market rarely coincide with those offered for the same fighter winning by KO and TKO. Often they are poorer than those offered for a KO win, for example. These markets may offer bettors the most value, in a sense, because they have far higher betting limits than MMA propositions.

Props have much lower limits, but may offer more value to bettors, depending on the matchup. What the best wagers are for a UFC fight, depend, well, on the fight, and how you may think it will play out. Sometimes there is going to be more value in outright winners of the fight and other times, it will be propositions.

The bets that offer the most value to gamblers are the best UFC bets. A moneyline bet involves picking the winner of the fight. Khabib is the favorite in this matchup. UFC parlays include multiple bets where all fighters you pick must win their matches for your bet to win. If either one loses, the wager is graded as a loss. As a general strategy, you should stick to parlays. Both fighters must win their matches for our bet to win. If one fighter were to draw, then the wager is reverted into a straight bet.

Parlays are an excellent way to get a significant favorite at a more affordable price than betting them straight up. Most MMA totals will be centered around the length of the match. UFC regulations have title fights of 5 rounds of 5 minutes with regular fights or non-title bouts coming in at three rounds of 5 minutes.

For non-UFC bouts, the length of time for each round and the number of rounds can differ. For example:. For example, if we bet over 3. If it ends sooner than that, such as the 2nd or 3rd round, then the bet is graded as a loss. If we bet under 3. The above markets and more are available when live betting. Each sportsbook will offer different options when it comes to wagering on mixed martial arts or UFC live. Live betting odds are updated in real-time in relation to how the fight plays out.

Bovada is the perfect sportsbook for people that want to bet on the UFC in a casual and fun way.


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The best boxing and MMA betting sites are now fully mobile compatible to offer to their clients the possibility to use their services on the go. And quite many of them offer dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. The mobile apps have to be developed with the idea to provide players with the same gambling features and options and keep the high-level of performance at the same time.

Mobile apps will guarantee you that your gaming experience on the go will be as good as possible. What better than the chance to be able to bet on your favourite boxing and MMA matches through your mobile phone or tablet? Using a mobile boxing and MMA betting app to bet on the go has quite many advantages and the most important of them is that you can bet whenever you want, at any time that you want.

New Betting Sites Many of the new online gaming platforms compete in offering good services. And most of them will also offer you the chance to bet on boxing and MMA. However, keep in mind that you should always consider the most important criteria when choosing a new betting site. This will guarantee your safe gambling session. First of all, you should always check the security features of the new betting sites. And second, they should offer you enough good opportunities to bet on your favourite boxing and MMA matches.

This is why you should always check the betting features that they offer. Thus, you will know what possibilities you will have if you decide to register and bet. However, in some jurisdictions, betting on boxing and MMA is not legal. Below, you will see the list with countries where those two combat sports are fully legal and popular in the betting platforms of online operators.

Yet another thing that we have to outline is the legal age. In other countries like the USA or India, the minimum legal age, though, is Nonetheless, in countries where betting on boxing and MMA is legal, online operators estimate high interest in those combat sports across bettors. Tips and Strategies When it comes to online betting on boxing and MMA, it is good to make a good strategy first.

You should pay careful attention to what are your betting options and how you can use them to get an advantage throughout the given event. Here are the main boxing and MMA betting strategies and tips that you can use. Betting on sports may seem easy, but apart from the boxing and MMA betting tips, there are other details that players have to take into consideration too.

Besides, some betting strategies can help you in various ways. You can use them to make a better prediction and to make better calculations whether your bet will be more profitable or not. Thus you will be able to make a good decision about your boxing and MMA bet. Here are some of the most interesting boxing and MMA betting strategies :. If you get aware of how those strategies work, you will immediately see the potential that they have.

Some of them are even used in other online gambling games and can even guide you on how to bet on Esports , for example. In other words, those strategies will be quite useful when it comes to betting on boxing and MMA too.

It is an Olympic sport Boxing betting originates for many years too. Boxing rules have changed a lot during the years before being established the way we know them today. On the other hand, MMA what we know it today is a sport that became extremely popular in the early 20th century. Betting on boxing dates back to early s. This sport was quite popular in the UK where betting also has a long history.

Betting on MMA is nowadays also extremely popular. Betting on those two combat sports is one of the most preferred ones just like betting on tennis — another quite attractive sport. Final Thoughts If you would like to bet on boxing and MMA, be sure that you will have quite many good opportunities to do so. Those two sports are one of the most popular ones around the world.

The most important thing is that you can access the best boxing and MMA betting websites that will provide you with the most important features for better gambling experience. Below, you will find our top recommended operator for boxing and MMA betting. We hope that our thorough guide has introduced you to the most important details concerning boxing and MMA betting.

You will be able to use the tips and strategies that we recommended to you and improve your skills while betting on your favourite boxing and MMA matches. To have the best gambling experience, you can also check the top rugby betting sites as the level of interest may also raise up there. Here, we have prepared for you short answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding boxing and MMA betting. Check them out as they will bring more light to the topic.

Quite many online operators will offer you good opportunities to bet on your favourite combat sports. However, to be sure that you will have the best chances, always check only the recommended boxing and MMA betting sites as they have the best features and the necessary security standards. Betting on combat sports such as boxing and MMA is favourite to many online bettors around the globe. The best sites for betting on those two combat sports will offer you very attractive boxing and MMA betting types.

Depending on your gambling skills, you can choose the betting type that will be most suitable for you. If you would like to place a bet on one of your favourite boxing or MMA matches, you should take into consideration some important details. Be sure to check the major boxing and MMA betting tips. They will give you a certain advantage and the various betting strategies will increase your chances to place a more profitable bet. The round betting in boxing and MMA refers to placing a bet on which round the match will end.

To make the best bet possible, always consider following the most important boxing and MMA betting rules. They will offer you various betting options and will increase your chances a lot. When you decide to bet on boxing and MMA, there is one thing that plays a very important role when placing a bet — the odds.

Each online bookmaker is trying to give better odds. However, you should always compare and make certain calculations to be able to find better boxing and MMA odds. This a type of bet has been popular throughout the MMA betting history for a long time. The sportsbook gives a specific amount of point to the fighters.

When the score is set to a certain amount, you must predict whether the outcome will be over or under that score. When you place bets on MMA events, you should examine carefully the odds that are given for the specific fight. Besides, you must know the fighters well and keep track of their current performance.

Those two factors will help you to place a winning and legal bets. Page Contents. Top Offer LeoVegas. Visit Site! This is why it is good to have a chance to make better predictions depending on various criteria. Pre-Match Live Betting A good option that quite many sports betting platforms nowadays offer is the chance to place your bet at a specific moment throughout the game. Use the Cashout Feature When Needed The cash out is one of the most attractive betting features that many players want to use.

It will give you the chance to draw back part of your bet if you decide that the given boxing or MMA match will have an unfavourable outcome for you. Try to Avoid Outrights In dynamic sports such as boxing and MMA, predicting the outright winner is sometimes quite difficult. Things can turn over at any time during the match. Everyone has witnessed matches where a given fighter is supposed to be the absolute winner until his opponent takes him down in just seconds. Make a Good Odds Comparison Online sportsbooks always compete to offer better odds to players.

Usually, the most popular sports have better odds. Boxing and MMA fall into this category too. This is why you should carefully compare the odds to be able to place a good bet. The two sports there is a certain number of rounds. If you bet that the match will end before the settled round, your bet is considered under and over if the match ends after the settled round.

Money Lines This is the most popular and used betting type in combat sports. It is a bet on simply who will win the fight. Draw This is a type of bet in both boxing and MMA matches where you can bet on a draw. Although it is quite a rare outcome in a combat sport, still it can occur when the two opponents are highly ranked and skilled. Parlay Bet This is a type of bet with multiple selections. This means that you can pick for example three fighters and make a parlay bet if you think that they all will win on their matches.

Thus, you can increase the payout odds. Open Parlay This type is more common in MMA matches and allows you to use the option to leave spots open. The open parlay is useful when you want to bet on several fights but you have not yet decided what would be your selections.

Prop Bets Depending on the matches, bookmakers will allow you to make the so-called proposition bets. For example, you can make prop bets on the exact number of rounds or whether a fighter will win by a knockout, TKO or a decision. Round Betting This betting type is quite popular in MMA fights and quite many operators will offer you the chance to bet on which round the match will end.

With this betting type, the winning odds are usually higher. Method of Victory MMA is a complex combat sport and there quite many ways to win. This is why this betting type will offer you the chance to bet on whether the fight will be won by a knockout, TKO, submission, decision , etc. Live Betting Betting live on combat sports is quite thrilling and a good opportunity to benefit from a higher winning odds.

There are two main types of live boxing and MMA betting — in between the rounds and throughout the match. Handicap Betting This is a less popular betting type in boxing and MMA but can still give you quite good opportunities. This is the case where the bookmaker offers odds by giving a certain fighter more or less amount of points before the fight.

With this type of bet, the odds are usually lower, compared to the money line bets. Accumulator — This term is used across many other sports, not only in boxing and MMA. It refers to the chance to place a bet on multiple selections. However, if you want your bet to be winning, it must be a correct prediction. Handicap — What is interesting with the handicap bets is that bookies may give certain points to a specific fighter with the idea to balance the two opponents.

Usually, additional points will be given to the fighter that is more likely to lose the fight. This is the case when you can place your bet in between the rounds or during the fight. It gives you a better chance to predict the probable outcome of the fight and place a winning bet. Visit Site. Choose the right division or tournament that you are familiar with. Thus, you will be more likely to avoid any bad betting decisions.

Your predictions will be more precise, and the bets you make will be more profitable. Bet on fighters that you know well. If you are keen on combat sports such as boxing and MMA, you will probably keep track of the performance of the fighters. Betting on the fighter, you know well will guarantee you success.

Use different boxing and MMA betting types. The selection of various betting options will lead to better chances. However, keep in mind that it is always good to choose the one that better suits your gambling skills. Consider taking advantage of the cash-out feature. It will help you if the outcome of the given boxing or MMA match turns out to be unfavourable for you.

Using the cash-out option at the right moment will guarantee that you will secure part of your bet. You can make a calculation based on your initial bet that will help you to predict your next moves. Martingale The Martingale system is quite popular if we would be talking about boxing and MMA sports betting. According to the system, players should double their bet every time they lose. Fibonacci System This system is famous for its sequence. Our ratings show you that, meaning you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and placing MMA bets.

Licensing authority and credibility 2. Odds and betting markets 3. Friendly for winning players 4. Payment methods 5. Bonus offers 6. Mobile version 7. Customer support 8. Live betting platform. Read more about SmartBettingGuide rating and its benefit to the player.

Many people often confuse themselves with MMA and UFC , struggling to understand what the differences are between them when actually this is a very simple thing to understand. MMA is a sport, just like American Football is a sport. This is probably what caused the confusion for many between the two. If you want to bet MMA with cryptocurrencies, check our best crypto bookies page. If you are looking to place bets on MMA then it is vital to find a good bookmaker to use.

This means they will cover all the matches on the card and the difference you will find between bookmakers will come with the individual betting markets. A poor MMA betting sites may only let you bet on the outcome of the fight, while a top UFC bookmaker will include other markets such as method of victory and in what round will the fight be stopped.

If you are a big fan of the sport then your knowledge is certainly going to help you in these additional markets so it is well worth shopping around to find a bookmaker that offers them. Even if you are not intending to use the markets when you sign up, it always pays to find a bookmaker with a strong service for two reasons.

The second is that it shows that the bookmaker is serious about UFC betting strategy, and any new markets are likely to be available with them first, giving you something that other bookmakers may not have. When it comes to other MMA organisations, you really need to take a close look at the coverage on offer here. Some bookmakers may not offer any betting on any other events at all, which is what you want to avoid. Those that do cover will be split like above, with some offering win only betting, while others go in depth and offer extensive markets on the big fights.

The best way to compare bookmakers is to look at them before an event is taking place and see what is on offer there. So sometimes its hard to find good quality stream and watch UFC online for free. However, some of the smaller events are available as a stream through your bookmaker, so it is worth checking this out and try to watch UFC free, although on the top streaming and UFC bookmakers will offer this.

When it comes to the other MMA organisations, these are much smaller and are hoping to get their product out to more people so some of them offer their own live streaming service. They too will allow bookmakers to use their pictures in the hope of getting more people watching their fights as they look to expand.

The way to focus when you are looking to become more profitable when betting on MMA is to look for betting opportunities that either add value to your selection or give you an alternative way to bet. The mma betting strategy below combines both of those and is an ideal way for punters to think about their next move and try and outsmart the bookmakers by using their knowledge of the MMA fighters they are betting on.

This is the best way to add more value to your MMA betting, and the best way to enhance the profit you make. To do this, you need to have good knowledge of the fighters taking part, so make sure you are up to date with both of them and what they are capable of.

Here you are going to use one of two markets. The first is to choose a winner and method of victory, or the second is to just choose a method of victory, which can be a good one to use if the fight looks to be an even one between two similar fighters. The other market comes in very useful when two fighters are very similar.

Not only is this using your knowledge of the sport, but it is giving you an alternative way to bet on the fight without actually picking the winner. If you are settling down to watch an event and want a bet in every fight to keep you entertained then this market is a great way to have a bet without choosing who you think will win. It is tricks like this one that will make you more profitable as a punter when betting on MMA. MMA is one of the relatively new sports on the betting scene, but with hundreds of fights every single year it is one of the most exciting ones on which you can bet.

There are fights all the time, and some of the big events attract millions of people to watch them and to bet on them. It is a more cost-effective way to bet than traditional betting, and it can even be more secure. Take advantage of massive welcome bonuses alongside complete anonymity to keep your winnings to yourself.