how to bet on the price of oil

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How to bet on the price of oil best football leagues to bet on

How to bet on the price of oil

For those who want to bet on oil with part of their allocation to stocks, other possibilities present themselves. But as oil has tumbled over the past year, that correlation has actually risen, to 0. That means that a crude rebound is almost guaranteed to bring the XLE significantly higher. On the other hand, the biggest of the energy giants, Exxon Mobil , has only a 0. Meanwhile, the overall has a 0. That means that if oil rises, it is liable to take the overall market higher with it.

Or, conversely, that a further oil fall would be bad news for all stock market investors, at least in the short term. Want to be part of the Trading Nation? If you'd like to call into our live Monday show, email your name, number and question to TradingNation cnbc. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. VIDEO Related Tags.

Join Our Facebook Group. Dig Deeper. Follow MoneyCrashers. Trending Articles. Become a Money Crasher! Join our community. Share this Article. What Are Oil Futures? Advantages of Investing in Oil Futures Oil futures can make great investments and are probably one of the most actively traded derivatives on the market. Some of the benefits of investing in oil futures include: Ability to make substantial profits. Oil futures can be extremely lucrative investments.

Some investors have been able to make tens of thousands of dollars with a single trade, while investing much less than would be necessary in the stock market. The price of oil can change substantially in a short period of time, so futures investors can see a sudden appreciation in their investment.

In periods when the price of oil skyrockets, everyone would love to be able to purchase it at a lower price. Anyone who holds a future that allows them to do so is going to be in a good position. Oil futures are one of the most liquid investments because of the high volume that is traded every day. In fact, they are the most actively traded future on the market and hence the most liquid.

You can purchase oil futures on margin in other words, you can borrow money to purchase them. This can also be very dangerous, but it is nice to at least have options. Limited supply. Oil is an irreplaceable resource. The fact that there is a finite supply is depressing for most people, but it can work to the advantage of investors who choose to invest in its futures. Other commodities futures such as corn and livestock can be replaced and their prices can be stabilized. Easy trading concept. Although it is a good idea to work with a broker or trader who can show you the ropes of futures investing, it is relatively easy to get started.

Anyone who takes a little time to research the process can figure it out and develop a trading strategy. Disadvantages of Oil Futures Although investing in oil futures has many benefits, there are a few concerns that investors should be aware of before they get started: Volatile. All futures are volatile investments and oil is no exception. No one can predict with any degree of certainty what the price of oil is going to be tomorrow, next week, or next month. Also, changes in the value of a future tend to change significantly more than stocks.

However, this shows how sensitive they are and they could easily lose the same value extremely quickly. Expiration date. All derivatives expire on a certain date. If you fail to exercise them prior to that date, they become worthless. Some investors want to hold onto their futures and sell them at a higher price later on, just like they would with stocks.

However, they fail to grasp that holding onto the futures causes them to lose their value even when the price of oil remains unchanged. This is because the futures are less appealing to speculators who need time to exercise their strategy. Oil futures are usually listed as being good for up to 9 years, but you can buy them on the market any time before they expire.

If you purchase a future within a couple of months of its expiration date, that may not leave you enough time to trade successfully. Unexpected supplies. Newer approaches such as offshore drilling have also increased the supply of oil. Although they have not been enough to significantly reduce oil prices, they could reduce it enough to cause futures investors to lose money on a transaction.

Sensitivity to a number of issues. The price of oil is heavily influenced by many factors other than supply and demand. For example, it is often affected by the agendas of current and aspiring politicians, wars, natural disasters, and major news stories. Since the price of oil futures go hand in hand with the price of oil, these events make investing in oil riskier than many other investments. Threats from substitutes.

As oil prices increase, companies and politicians look for new sources of energy. New options such as green energy become even more important as concerns for the environment and global warming increase. Alternative energy sources could drastically reduce the cost of oil if they became popular enough i.

It is unlikely that this will happen in the near future, but it remains a threat. Exhaustion of oil. However, one day the supply of oil will be used up completely and oil futures will obviously become worthless. This is not projected to happen for at least another forty years. Although this may not be an immediate problem, it is something that investors need to be wary of. Some of the most common investors include: Institutional investors who can afford to have a short-term focus. Mutual funds, hedge funds, banks, and some other institutional investors often use oil futures in their portfolios.

They are eager to take advantage of any investment with high profit potential. Some funds, such as exchange-traded funds ETFs , may specialize in oil or energy investments. These investors can afford to have short-term assets in their portfolio and take on significant risks. However, investors who need to focus on the long-term or need to be more conservative with their portfolio are not likely to invest in oil futures e. Wealthy investors. Investors with large amounts of money have the opportunity to profit from trading crude oil futures.

They can afford to take the risk of losing a lot of money and are drawn to the opportunity to make large profits. They are especially interested in purchasing these futures when it looks like oil prices are going to increase significantly. Companies or organizations with oil as a major expense.

Many companies have much higher expenses when oil prices increase and may purchase futures to lock themselves into lower prices. Oil is one of the biggest expenses for airlines, utility companies, refineries, and large trucking firms. They often want to hedge their risk by buying oil futures so that they can be locked in to purchase oil at lower prices, especially when they fear gas prices rising.

Other oil companies. Who is better at predicting changes in oil prices than the oil companies themselves? Individual investors. Shrewd investors are eager to pursue any strategy that gives them the opportunity to make a lot of money. However, many are hesitant to invest in oil futures due to the high level of risk involved. When to Invest in Oil Futures Many investors want to take advantage of oil futures but are hesitant to make the plunge.

Here are some things you should think about before you invest in oil: What is happening to the supply of oil? This is probably the most important question to ask. However, you should be aware of efforts to find new sources of oil such as through offshore drilling. This could increase the short-term supply of oil and temporarily change prices. Temporary reductions in price are extremely significant when you are buying futures that expire in a given period of time.

Also, OPEC nations make a lot of money selling oil, so their impartiality in keeping prices at a reasonable level may be called into question. Political developments and wars.


Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Search Login Register. Author Topic: How would you bet on rising oil prices? Read times. Sjalabais Bristles Posts: King of Chocolatistan. There's a couple of oil discussions here already, but none quite what I'm looking for: Assuming oil prices will rise again, how would you join in on the windfall? Buying oil giant's stocks outright? Investing in suppliers? Oil index funds? Some of the big few pay very handsome dividends, and haven't lost crazy much value.

I'm expected prices to rise also in the medium term - it would be nice to jump in on that. Quote from: bobechs on January 15, , AM. This would be a huge speculation and not something I'm doing. It also may not be the right time to do it. Also, more due diligence is due, and few more companies should be added. Iran oil will be coming on the market. It is speculative because some of these oil companies may go bankrupt, will they last two years? You would at least have your money back!

Ok, facepunch expected. But I find it an interesting play. VNR 7. BBEP 7. ARP 7. REXX 8. Quote from: Roboturner on January 15, , AM. I think the question is "What information do you have that professional commodities traders don't have? Sure, oil is likely to go up from today's prices but nobody knows when that will happen.

You could easily lose a ton of money betting the wrong way on this. If you are betting on it going up and it goes down that far, you could realize a substantial loss. This is just market timing, and if you don't have more information that anyone else on the pricing of oil then it is more likely you will lose money rather than gaining.

It's nothing but gambling. Sure, you could come out ahead but you also might come out ahead if you bet the money you plan to invest on a roulette wheel. Buy the light crude Dec future. Indexer Handlebar Stache Posts: Probably, eventually. It is a commodity. Inflation alone should get it there. But when? All the major players are afraid to lose market share, and until demand returns to a level to justify these prices I don't see any major increases in oil prices.

More risk to me means I need higher expected returns to justify it. Solar is getting cheaper. Electric cars are becoming more popular. We are finding more ways to get natural gas. There is also the X factor of something completely new we can't even foresee right now.

There's no way to know when prices will recover. Recover they most likely will, but we have no idea when. It could literally be years, we have no clue. Commodity ETFs are a good way to lose money. It's all over again for some of them.

However we haven't seen the bankruptcies yet. I'd personally wait for the reorganizations to happen. Chapter 11 is gonna force these guys to stop drilling. Demand isn't gonna get us out of this hole anytime soon. It's supply that'll have to cut back.

Until they are forced, drillers will keep drilling cause they have too much debt to pay off to stop. They will get it before you do. We would just use it as a timing signal to tell us that the bottom may be near. And reorganization of debt will help some companies move forward without the huge debt burden.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I am not betting on rising oil prices though I expect oil prices to go up eventually. However I've started to invest in the section to hedge against personal expenses going up in case the price of oil starts rising again. I consider oil majors the safest bet and I am invested in Exxon XOM and Chevron CVX , two oil-majors that I expect to do okay even if the current price environment lasts for several years. So no bets here, just a hedge. If oil rises, I get some extra money to pay for gasoline and heating.

Retire-Canada Walrus Stache Posts: Quote from: Indexer on January 15, , PM. This is a speculative bet, of course, but the middle east remains a combustible mess, with Saudi-Arabia and Iran readying for leadership changes - never easy in totalitarian countries. Investment is falling rapidly everywhere. Oil prices are not rational at all. Several mention the credit crunch, and it is easy to forget how quick and turbulent both the fall and rise of prices have been. You can trade oil spot prices, futures and options with us via CFDs and spread bets.

Alternatively, you could speculate on the price of oil-linked ETFs and company stocks to get an indirect exposure. You could also take a longer-term position on oil ETFs or company stocks with our share dealing service. Our oil spot prices are based on the two nearest futures on the market in question. Our undated contracts are useful for taking shorter-term positions and performing technical analysis over a longer timeframe.

Learn more about how to trade options. See an example of crude oil options trading. To take a longer-term view on the price of oil, you could look at investing in ETFs or companies within the oil supply chain. Some ETFs track the underlying oil price, while others follow a group of oil company shares.

If you choose to buy and hold shares, you would do so in the view that they will increase in price as oil becomes more valuable and their revenues rise. By taking ownership of company shares, you would receive voting rights and any dividends that are paid. Whether you want to spread bet, trade CFDs or invest, you could be ready to take your first position in minutes.

Alternatively, you can practise trading first in our risk-free demo account. You can trade a variety of oil markets with including popular crude oils WTI and Brent Crude, as well as no lead gasoline and heating oil. The best way to identify an opportunity is to keep an eye on breaking news and key price levels, using our range of tools and resources:.

We offer a range of solutions for risk management, including stop-losses and limit-close orders — these are used to close trades at predetermined levels of loss and profit respectively. While your trade is open, you should continue to perform technical analysis, identifying key turning points in the market. Oil trading works by enabling you to take a position on whether futures contracts will rise or fall in value.

Oil futures are contracts in which you agree to exchange a set amount of oil at a set price on a set date. They are the most common method of buying and selling oil. The best time of day to trade oil is when the markets are most active. These periods can occur quite regularly as oil is such a popular and volatile market.

There is usually a lot of activity when the underlying exchanges first open, and in the last half an hour or so before they close. You can trade oil for nearly 24 hours a day, five days a week, depending on which market you choose. Take a look at the table below for our oil trading times. Brent crude and WTI are the two most well-known types of crude oil. It is from oil fields in the North Sea.

The other main oil type is Dubai or Oman crude, which is the Middle Eastern benchmark. It is typically a heavier oil and is used across Asian markets. Tax law may differ in a jurisdiction other than the UK. New client: or newaccounts. Marketing partnerships: marketingpartnership ig. Professional clients can lose more than they deposit. All trading involves risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The information on this site is not directed at residents of the United States, Belgium or any particular country outside the UK and is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.

Careers Marketing partnership. Inbox Community Academy Help. Log in Create live account. Related search: Market Data. Market Data Type of market. Markets to trade Commodities Oil trading How to trade oil. How to trade oil Discover how to trade oil with our step-by-step guide — including what spot prices and oil futures are, what moves the price of oil and the ways you can trade with us.

Find out more. Practise on a demo. Create live account. Log in. Ready to trade oil? Follow these three steps:. Decide which oil market to focus on. Pick the product that suits you. Open a live IG account. Steps to buying and selling crude oil Understand what oil trading is Learn what moves the price of oil Decide how you want to trade oil with us Create your trading account Find your opportunity Open your first oil trade Monitor and close your position.

What is oil trading? There are three ways you can trade oil:. What is the oil spot price? What are oil futures? What are oil options? Learn more about options. Learn what moves the price of oil The price of oil is primarily moved by the relationship between supply and demand. Factors affecting oil supply and demand. Decide how you want to trade oil with us. No, there are no fixed expiry dates Yes, at the date of expiry Yes, at the date of expiry No, you can hold your position for as long as you like Will I pay tax?

Trading vs investing in oil You can trade oil spot prices, futures and options with us via CFDs and spread bets.

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