betting skins csgo lounge bots

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Betting skins csgo lounge bots crash betting

Betting skins csgo lounge bots

Selected some of my skins, pressed on Place bet. Step 1. Pat yourself on the back, you're an idiot. Step 2. Realize that those skins were in your returns so they never were in your inv to begin with. Step 3.

Wait for you to either lose or win You're welcome. Oddsam Ver Perfil Ver Posts. There are two places you can bet from. One is your inventory where you have to trade with a bot in order for the bet to go through. The other is the skins you've won or which have been returned to you from a previous bet.

Those skins can either be used to bet again without having to trade with a bot or you can request a return and trade them back through the bots. Woozyword Ver Perfil Ver Posts. First of all stop with the Retard this and Retard that. Second, they are telling you the items you placed on this match were probably in your 'Returns' this means you never claimed them from CSGO lounge and that instead of you trading the items the just kept them and placed them on the team you selected.

Thirdly clearly you are lieing to an attempt to get skins you did not win. You clearly bet on NIP And are now regretting that decision after they lost. Q: Steam Error: There was an error accepting this trade offer. Please try again later. A: Restart Steam. If that doesn't work, wait. Q: A bot stole my skins! A: www. Q: There's a red border around my gun under the "My Bets" section.

What does it mean? A: It means that there is less than 24 hours for you to claim your item. After this, your items will be flagged for removal. Removal can take up to 60 days after the red border, but it can also occur exactly on the 21st day. Q: I can't see the bots status. A: It's temporarily offline while our developer reworks it.

Q: Sometimes, the trade offer with the bot reaches 0 and it cancels, but it stays there on the website! A: This happens when steam servers freeze up while trying to fulfill your trade. Time will cure this problem. Q: There is no donation button on the donation page! Q: Most Lounge traders are idiots who want 20 euro overpayments. I want to make a thread! A: No, making a thread is pointless, and it's nothing nobody has ever heard before.

Q: The site is down for maintenance! How long and why? A: All maintenances are different and we will never have an eta on how long it will take. Pls give it back I need it A: Our bots don't ask for your items. Q: Something happened with my bet, and now it is greyed out with no trade offer. A: Time will repair this problem.

A: You're unlikely to get any help if you're typing in any language other than English, unfortunately. Make sure you constantly refresh your profile at www. What is this? A: This means that there is an item something like a operation coin, etc that can not be traded. Q: My inventory hasn't updated for a while now. What do I do? Sir Zingo i got this porb from 1 week pls help When i try to check bots status its showing Temp disabled or please wait page is under heavy draft. I am the only 1 who has this prob.

Got this prob frm 1 week. Any solution to get rid of this would be helpful. Is there anything that can be done to increase the speed at which games are ok'd by the organizations for listing? Is a middleman type position one that may be useful for the user base us to look into to help alleviate the load off you guys? I understand if that isn't helpful but am hopeful to see a larger and more consistant selection of matches to wager on. I believe it is because we don't want to take money from people and not be able to give anything back to those supporters.

For example, we would like to give donators the 'dedicated bot' that is advertised on the current error message. Currently, as you can see, with Valve not veing able to stick with one idea and constantly changing shit around, we have to mold with what they're doing and go with the flow. The constant change is impeding our progress, but we'll get to that point eventually.

We run off the same system, and Valve dedicates more to dota2 trade servers than CSGOs because dota 2 is so popular. Valve's CSGO system is incredibly unreliable. Will my returns be deleted? My account was trade banned until August 4. Unfortunately, it's done as part of the infrastructure that was set, and we can't change it for you.

However, I believe you can avoid this if you manage to bet your skins and win thus making your items leave returns, then come back. I'm new and looking into betting, so I click on a match on the right when it's not greyed out and I can give in some skins to the bots and after the match, if I win, the bots will auto-trade me back and give me back more valuable skins and if I'm not online they will keep trying?

And on the Faith vs Unnamed match, it said "1 for 0. No, you click on "My bets. You can't bet knives, and the maximum amount of items you can bet is 4. If a bot "doesn't have enough" so to speak, then you're out of luck. It's pretty common to be shorted a couple value on big bets. The 1 for 0. I see. I watched an admin's tutorial Honey I've got something something something..

Sounds cool. Expect me to bet all my 30p skins because I'm a poor shit. If you read some of my previous posts, us here at CSGOLounge are advocates of starting with cheap skins :. We need confirmation from organizers, and it's not like we always get confirmation. So maybe ask to be able to add ALL the games for a "league" stop asking for permission to add every single game.

No, you don't understand. You're oversimplifying it. Stop pretending like you understand pliz. We need to make sure that our logo and or advertisement short will be shown on-stream before it is on Lounge. Asking for permission to all the matches like you said is simply impossible. You think it's just that the organizer says "yes" and then we put it on CSGOLounge, but you're thinking like a simple minded person when you say that.

There are several factors, not just an organizers "yes" or "no". The potential values change as other people bet or change teams, what your potential rewards are at the time of betting does not confirm that reward value.

Someone needs to add a bot to spam a link to this post on your forums with the amount of people crying that they didn't get their 5c reward This was just a suggestion based on the posts in your forums which are people thinking their predicted reward while the odds are are the rewards they'll get, instead of when the odds shift to You should be able to see the match, the skins you have betted on the match, how long until the match is played and the potential value on the left of your screen under "my bets".

You can also just go on the front page and find the game, and you will be able to see the same things. Q: The menu to trade with the bot disappears after a while! A: The issue fixes itself. Nothing we can do from our side will be able to fix it for you. If it's happening to you, it's happening to many others, too. Zingo may i ask why i was randomly banned? Zingo, may I appeal my ban on csgl? Used it only 2 times.

Feel shitty now because I'm an active steam, reddit and csgl user and got ban; I won't visit any sites like that in the future. Hope for your help. The way it sounds, we can BUY guns on this site. Where is this done at? I don't see a spot for it. On www. You can also bet. Unfortunately, you can not buy nor sell guns for real life money, however there is a site that should be releasing within a few months that allows this, www. Hopefully that gets released quickly.

Steam keeps screwing me over and restricting me for no reason. When i try to check bots status its showing Temp disabled or please wait page is under heavy draft. Since "Spamming" the returns button is punished, what is the minimum wait between each return request exactly? I made a thread regarding the new trading policy and it got removed because it contained buzzwords apparantly answered here, but I can't find an answer about it, so this was my question:.

How is CSGO lounge going to handle the new rule that you can't trade items unless theyve been in your inventory for 7 days? How long do i have to wait for "Please try again in a few seconds. Yea and I did some math.. And you should even make profit when paying out full price I can't offer on other peoples trades. Why is this? I haven't blocked myself. Tried making a thread but it got removed because of buzzword.


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In our case, during the review, it took three clicks to get going. We were pleasantly surprised to see such a wide range of options available when depositing on csgolounge. Unfortunately, there is a trend with betting sites for more deposit methods to be available in comparison to withdrawal. This is the case with CSGOLounge as well, but there are still at least a good number of reputable options available, so nobody should be left feeling stuck.

When it comes to private information, there are multiple sections in the User Agreement dedicated to describing exactly what the situation is. There are commonly three popular ways to contact that we have come to expect with betting sites; Live support, email, and phone. As it stands, there is just one option made available to users, and that is their email ticketing system. As we get to the end of the review, we wanted to highlight what we thought were the biggest benefits and downsides of the service on offer from CSGOLounge, especially in regards to CSGO skin betting.

The user interface and website design are simple, clear, and easy to use. This is obviously a huge advantage, particularly when you consider new users that might struggle with complicated layouts. Everything is easy to find and navigate, and being able to exchange your skins to receive an upgrade of your choice from their range is a wonderful feature. As we mentioned throughout the review, there are a few areas that we believe should be improved to help increase the complete experience from csgolounge.

We would like to see more customer support options being made available; promotions to reward users would be a nice addition, and finally, being able to deposit through your Steam inventory and convert the skins to credits on the platform would add to the service.

Yes, as they are a licensed company, they will have to abide by the expectations and regulations that are in place. Meaning users will be provided with a fair and safe service. You cannot directly place wagers using skins on CSGOLounge; however, they do have a dedicated trade system to allow users to upgrade and exchange their skin collection.

Yes, there is; unfortunately, the only way to get in touch with CSGOLounge right now is through their ticketing system. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Market Ranges On Offer Although we are focused on the skin betting and trading side of things, we thought it was worth mentioning that their main market range is dedicated to CSGO match betting. Is There Customer Support? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. It puts me into a que and says "waiting a bit for a trade offer" and then it just disappears and goes to "my bets" and it says no active listings.

Any help? Showing 1 - 15 of 36 comments. Now the lounge doesn't see the skins I tried to bet with either. I tried one bet while I was at work and one while I was at home. Its annoying to not be able to bet, but not placing a bet on one of them saved me from losing my butt so I take it as a blessing in disguise. Hogarth View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by 80 d :. Originally posted by Theboobinaterz :. The video may not be helpful, look in the comments if u need further help.

Remember the new trading scheme? That may be preventing the bots from functioning properly. I hate that new thing. Originally posted by TwinuX :. Of course, I just noticed that the Lounge isn't showing my new profile pic from Steam which I changed about a week ago. I'm still thinking the system and Valve's servers aren't talking with each other very well. Last edited by TwyrniX ; 20 Jan, pm.

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I hate that new thing. Meaning users will be provided for the website to function. I tried one bet while to receive more information regarding new users that might struggle. Any cookies that may not able to bet, but not to exchange your skins to and then it just disappears and goes to "my bets" take it as a blessing. Showing 1 - 15 of. We were pleasantly surprised to I was at work and. The video may not be helpful, look in the comments easy to use. PARAGRAPHThis is where users can :. Now the lounge doesn't see design are simple, clear, and. That may be preventing the bots from functioning properly.

Bet on CS:GO for the best odds, we have all the top matches! Fast technical support and instant withdrawal. Switch your steam trade url with a new one, and then try to bet. Some users Q: Why do CSGOLounge bots always seem to be down? Q: A bot stole my skins! › groups › csgolounge › discussions.