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The structure was damaged beyond salvation and the remains of what were once a charming, vernacular, beach cottage were removed from the lot in the post-Katrina cleanup of late As of this date, the lot remains empty. The Hansen-Hanemann Cottage was situated at an elevation of about feet above mean sea level in Lot 2 and Lot 3 of the Austin tract, which was surveyed by H. Boudousquie in March These two lots have an foot front on the Bay of Biloxi and run back to the north approximately three hundred-fifty feet.

Jerome Ryan. On August 31, , Jerome Ryan c. It ran five hundred sixty-one feet east of Martin Avenue along the shore of Biloxi Bay and north to Section 19, T7S-R8W, a distance of approximately feet as surveyed in Catherine Bourgeois LaFontaine c. JXCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. Martha E. Austin , the wife of Dr.

The sale of this approximate fourteen-acre tract was authorized by the Probate Court of Jackson County, Mississippi at its June term The sale to Mrs. Austin was consummated on September 21, Also in , Dr. In , the Ocean Springs Hotel gave its name to this developing village on the eastern shore of the Bay of Biloxi. By , the French referred to the area as Vieux Biloxy when they moved across the Bay of Biloxi to present day Biloxi. In the early s, people from New Orleans called the area East Biloxi and by , the name Lynchburg Springs had been given to the first post office.

Fortunately for the people of Ocean Springs, this appellation lasted only one year. Lawrence N. On March 1, , Lawrence N. He would acquire Lot 3 of the Austin Tract from Mrs. By mid-April , Lawrence N. Hansen also owned Lot 4 and Lot 5 of the Austin Tract. It is believed that in , Lawrence N. Twin centered French windows with transoms.

It is known with a high degree of certitude that in , Lawrence N. This fact seems to corroborate that L. Hansen built a cottage here before He came to America in his youth. Hansen-Dodds House. At this time a Greek Revival cottage was probably located here at present day Jackson Avenue. This house is referred to today as the Hansen-Dodds House and may have been built in the late s. Captain Hansen died here on Jackson Avenue on October 14, His corporal remains were sent to New Orleans for internment in the Metairie Cemetery.

Sophie C. Hansen left Ocean Springs after the demise of her husband and relocated to New Orleans to the domicile of Christian C. Hansen , a nephew of L. Hansen, her deceased spouse. She planned to rent her cottage on Jackson Avenue. The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, October 26, Hansen Christian C. Hansen was born in Denmark. He was a shipmaster and later entered the cotton brokerage business where he did well financially. Hansen had married Magdelena Grob in She was born in New Orleans, and was the widow of Henry Clasen Louisa married Theodore Hatry in June French Hotel-Edward House.

Hansen had sold his beach cottage property to Mrs. Corsican immigrant, Antoine Bertuccini , built the French Hotel on these lots at the southeast corner of Martin and Font Beach circa This structure later became the Edwards House, owned by James H. Edwards and family. Kate L. Staples was born Katherine L. She was the daughter of Colonel Alfred E. Lewis and Ann R.

The home is called Oldfields today having received this appellation from William Wade Grinstead , the father-in-law of Walter I. Fred Staples was the son of Solomon G. Terrell Staples of New Orleans. In , Mrs. Adeline A. Here, the Staples family built a summer home on the Bay of Biloxi. Fred and Kate Staples had three children: Alfred L.

Staples , Catherine A. Putnam b. Burns b. Fred Lewis made his livelihood at Ocean Springs as a merchant. His partners were his brothers-in-law, Robert W. Staples and G. Park was a Texan by birth and had been a resident of Ocean Springs as early as December A part of this land situated on the southeast corn of Washington and Government would become known as "Lundy's Corner.

Emily S. In May , Mrs. Staples sold her beach cottage property to Mrs. Hattier, nee Grazeilla M. Grazeilla Gourdain Hattier Leonard. Gourdain and Marie Odile Gourdain Her father was an auctioneer and exchange broker in the Crescent City. He was the widower of Rosa Castanedo Hattier Hattier made his livelihood as a cotton classer. After Victor H. Their vows were exchanged at New Orleans on September 8, Leonce Leonard made his livelihood in the sugar industry.

In , they were domiciled on Orleans Street at New Orleans. In September , Mrs. Graziella M. Leonard, formerly Mrs. Hattier, conveyed her real property on the water at Ocean Springs consisting of Lots 2 and 3 and improvements to J. Morin of St. Jean-Baptiste Morin.

They married in February at Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Jean-Baptiste Morin made his livelihood as a farmer and in was residing in Arnaudville, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana R and and St. Falterman Family. This vintage image was made circa on the pier of Clebert J. Falterman in front his vacation cottage, now Front Beach Drive. Falterman lived at Napoleonville, Louisiana were he was operated a successful mercantile business. Note the bath houses at the pier heads.

Delaune Courtesy of Mille R. Delaune-Biloxi, Mississippi. Clebert J. Falterman b. Circa , Clebert J. Falteman married Corrine Templet They were the parents of eleven children. Falterman made his livelihood as the proprietor of a mercantile store in and He farmed in and Federal Census, TR, p.

Federal Census; and Assumption Parish, La. Federal Census,R, p. The sale included all furniture. Clebert passed on April 4, Joseph and Cavalier, , p. Arthur B. Cutter Hunt , a native of Cleveland, Ohio. In , the E. Hunt made his livelihood in the Crescent City as the assistant U. His family was domiciled on St. Charles Avenue. Another son, William Cutter Hunt ? Hunt made his livelihood at New Orleans in as an oil salesman. In , Arthur was representing an iron works and at home with his mother on State Street.

Card, Orleans Ph. RDraft Bd. Rose M. Post , Arthur B. Hunt married Rose Mary Viguerie ? Viguerie was probably born in rural St. Mary Parish on the main road between Franklin and Baldwin, Louisiana. Here her father and mother farmed and reared seven children: Frank C. Viguerie Jr. Viguerie b. Viguerie Mary Ph. Federal Census and T , p. Dorothy B. Edwin C. Applegate was the son of W. Captain Applegate was retired from the US Army. After a Florida honeymoon, the newlyweds planned to make their home in Ocean Springs.

The Jackson County Times, June 18, , p. MRB 29, p. Applegate Jr. It may be oldest home extant at Gulf Hills. The Applegate home was considered a very modern home since it was equipped with the following conveniences: artesian water well; indoor plumbing facilities; hot water heater; electric plant for lights, refrigeration and ice; automatic sanitary sewerage disposal system; and an acetylene gas plant for cooking.

The Jackson County Times, August 30, , p. In later life, Mrs. Applegate remarried to W. Pennebaker, a retired corporate lawyer who resided at Midland, Texas. They alternate their time between Charleston and Midland and are domiciled on East Battery Street on Charleston harbor. Hunt Jr. Lieutenant Arthur B. S Army. The Jackson County Times, December 9, , p. Lindbergh connection. Senator Dwight W. Morrow of New Jersey, the American ambassador to Mexico from Lindbergh , who flew The Spirit of St.

Louis, the first aircraft to make a nonstop solo flight, across the Atlantic Ocean in Dorothy Hunt Applegate Pennebaker, June 13, Hunt and family were honored by the newly wedded Lindberghs having received individual boxes of wedding cake. With the cake were cards in which had been written "with love Anne". The Hunts are related to the Morrow family". She was frequent correspondent with the Lindbergh family. The Jackson County Times, February 3, Breezy Hill.

In the late s, Mr. Hunt developed throat cancer and was sent to New York City in May for surgery. As a result of the surgery, he lost his voice and had a hole in his throat, which was covered by cheese cloth. He had been operated on at New York City in May Lost his voice. The Jackson County Times, May 26, , p. Hunt both had cancer and they eventually succumbed to it. He expired at Ocean Springs on December 8, , and his corporal remains sent to the Metairie Cemetery for internment.

Rose Viguerie Hunt died circa Duane Nowlin and Debra Jean Nowlin. Duane Nowlin. Hanemann of New Orleans on February 5, No further information. Carl C. Hanemann b. Hanemann and Marie Blancq. He was born at New Orleans.

His father made his livelihood as a coffee taster in the Crescent City. Carl studied psychology at Tulane and matriculated to Harvard Law School where he was awarded a Law degree. Cheri W. Hanemann, July 8, In , Carl C. Hanemann married Cheri Elise W. Elise studied ceramic arts at Newcomb College. Gloss b. Cheri is active in historic preservation in New Orleans and at Ocean Springs, her adopted home. This image was made in October of the remains of the Hansen-Hanemann cottage following its destruction by Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina. The Hanemann place was nearly destroyed by the inundation and force of the storm surge created by Katrina on the morning of August 29, Today the lot at Front Beach Drive is vacant as the Hanemanns have decided what to do with their investment.

Ilianne family Acquired from Hanneman in and became sideyard to large home at Front Beach erected by Illiane in Ray L. Bellande, "Hansen-Widmer House", unpublished essay , April Personal Communication:. Vertalee Van Cleave-December Lemon-June-July Hunt Applegate-June 13, Millie R. Delaune-April 3, and June 30, Hanemann-July 8, Maginnis Estate. The commencement of the Maginnis family history at Ocean Springs is obfuscated somewhat by the destruction of the land deed records of Jackson County before March It is very probable that during the post-Bellum years and pre, Arthur Ambrose Maginnis and or his son, A.

Here on a high bluff, at the west beach, with over six-hundred feet of water front acreage, between present day Hillendale and McNamee, the Maginnis family erected a large mansion and several outbuildings. There was also a smaller house on the front, and servant cottages on Porter". Charles W. Ziegler and the Puringtons later occupied the Oak Cottage site.

The Maginnis family at New Orleans was synonymous with cottonseed oil and cotton mills. Arthur A. Maginnis Sr. With John H. Maginnis, possibly a brother or nephew, Arthur A. Maginnis founded A. Maginnis' Sons, who in , promoted the Maginnis' Cotton Mills. The mills were considered models of their kind and employed nine hundred people.

These workers operated 12, looms and 41, spindles to produce over 21,, yards of cotton sheeting, shirting, osnaburg, yarn, bating, and duck cloth from over 12, bales of cotton. She was a native of Liverpool, England, and immigrated to the United States with her Scottish parents as a small child. Her mother was Sarah Affleck Armstrong Nolan , John H. Maginnis , Arthur Ambrose Maginnis Jr. Pescud , Charles B. Maginnis , William D. Maginnis , Laura M. Penrose , and Albert B.

Maginnis Maginnis's mother-in-law, also acquired a summer home at Ocean Springs. Plummer c. This estate came into the Maginnis family in January , when Mrs. Armstrong sold it to her daughter, Elizabeth A. Maginnis Land Company. Parkinson was in the insurance business at New Orleans and Ocean Springs. He raised prize-winning chickens as a hobby at Ocean Springs. Maginnis Jr. Fassman of New Orleans. She died in the Crescent City on September 21, , shortly after their espousal.

He then wedded Mary Amelia Tweed She may have been the daughter of William Marcy Tweed He controlled party nominations and was known as Boss Tweed. His brother, John H. Maginnis , was married to Elizabeth Cornellson Tweed, possibly a sister of his wife. As a child, A. He abandoned his studies in , to enlist in the forces of the Confederates States of America.

At the mere age of fourteen, Maginnis was known as the youngest Rebel in active service. He served with his uncle, Captain John Tighlman Nolan, until the unit was disbanded. Maginnis was honorably discharged in , as a member of the Miles Legion. After the Civil War, Arthur A. In , he returned to New Orleans and soon took command of the many Maginnis' family enterprises. As a man of affluence at the Crescent City, Maginnis belonged to many social and fraternal organizations.

He was one of the organizers of the Southern Yacht Club. Maginnis enjoyed several yachts. In addition, his interest in Carnival saw him reign as Rex in At his west beach villa at Ocean Springs, Mississippi, A. He also attempted to grow peanuts on his estate to manufacture peanut butter.

Although the peanut butter venture failed, von Rosambeau and Pabst remained at Ocean Springs and made successful careers here in business and horticulture respectively. Maginnis also oversaw a 3, acre sugar plantation at Ascension Parish, Louisiana near Donaldsonville. His sister, Mrs. John T. Nolan, probably lived on the farm with her family. He commuted to work on the Club car of the Coast train. He was connected with Boss Tweed of New York by marriage. He planted olive trees, which did not do well.

He raised cotton in the hope of developing a good oil from it. He raised peanuts in shares in the hope of making a butter from them. It was this venture, which brought Pabst and Rosambeau to Ocean Springs. Pabst sold out his share for three dollars. A son was killed by a flash of lightening as he came out of swimming.

McGinnis was a very positive man who wanted a yes or a no. He told his Negro manservant he was tired when he got in from the train and wanted a cold glass of milk brought to him each time he arrived. The man milked a half hour before train time and put the milk in bowls on ice. When Mr. McGinnis tasted the tasted the milk he said it was sour. The man said it could not be as he had just milked. September 2, While at Ocean Springs, the Maginnis family suffered several misfortunes and tragedies.

In February , the residence was burglarized. In addition, the suspect, one John Clark, alias Doyle, had filled his satchel with food and wine from the Maginnis pantry. Clark had just been released from the jail at Biloxi. The gale of August uprooted trees and dispersed limbs and leaves on the grand lawn of the Maginnis estate. They were less fortunate on July 4, , when their brother, John A. Maginnis, was killed by a lightning bolt on the Maginnis pier as he returned from a swim in the bay.

He was taken ill by a disease, which puzzled the finest physicians of Gotham and expired two weeks after succumbing to the malady. His brothers, Albert and Charles Maginnis, sister, Mrs. Thomas Gilmore, and nephew Harry Maginnis, were at his death bed.

The corporal remains of Arthur Ambrose Maginnis Jr. The large Maginnis tomb is on "Millionaire Circle" next to the twin mausoleums of the Schmidt and Ziegler families. It is interesting to note that the summer estates of these very wealthy New Orleans men were also contiguous to each other on the front beach at Ocean Springs, extending from present day Hillendale to just west of Martin Avenue.

The A. The lease had a three year term with an option to purchase. Professor Keewatin's philosophy of education was to offer a maximum of outdoor life while maintaining a high grade of scholarship. The Maginnis estate began to break up in June , when the A. Maginnis Land Company sold a one-acre lot off the northeast corner of the tract to Katherine C.

Ver Nooy Ver Nooy was the daughter of D. Purington and Jennie Purington who resided east of the Maginnis property. Her husband, Charles B. The small span across Davis Bayou was also under their surveillance. The troops were bivouacked on the Maginnis estate.

By late April, the soldiers made their first arrest when Halstead Staples was incarcerated for failing to obey Lieutenants Bond's order to pass only through the draw. Staples in a skiff was attempting to pass under the bridge and was fired upon by one of the soldiers. In June, the Army troops hosted a large picnic for the benefit of the Red Cross at their camp on the Maginnis estate.

A large group of people attended the outdoor fete with their well stocked picnic baskets. A string band played music. There was also dancing, games, and amusement for everyone. In August , the Maginnis Land Company sold the old Maginnis vacation home and the seventeen acres associated with it to Frederick B.

Lee was their real estate agent. Here he had an orange grove, Japanese persimmons, and a pecan orchard. Bradford was the manager of the Thomas orchards. Thus ended the long reign of one of New Orleans most wealthy families at Ocean Springs. Thomas, the widow of F. Skrmetta platted the Oak Bluff Subdivision here in September It is believed that the large Maginnis home was damaged by fire in the s and dismantled. The heirs of F. Thomas may have been the owners at this time. Jackson County, Ms.

Land Deed Book 32, pp. Henri A. Flora K. Maginnis" , November 7, , p. Maginnis" , January 8, , p. The Sunday States , "A. Maginnis Passes Away", December 29, , p. Plater Robinson New Orleans -July John H. August 19, The Daily Picayune, August 21, , p. August 2, November 7, Eldest son of Edward J. Residence Tchoupitoulas Street. Married to Elizabeth Cornellson Tweed. December 27, Services from his residence at Prytania Street. New Orleans Item, December 28, , p.

Sarah Eugenia Maginnis married John T. Nolan in June , at Ocean Springs. Emma Isabel Maginnis married Thomas N. Laura Elizabeth Maginnis married George B. Penrose on November 16, Children: George Rose Jr. All live in the New York area. Fournier received a patent from the U. By , E. Clark of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania owned large tracts of land in the Ocean Springs area including the lot that the Cochran-Letoha now rests.

It is believed that he was speculating on land values through his local agent, entrepreneur George Allen Cox Thomas Cochran. In July , Thomas Cochran , a native of Mobile, Alabama, who made his livelihood as a house carpenter purchased 1. Jackson Co. In the northwest corner of his tract circa , Cochran built a one story wood frame house with a side gable roof and full width undercut gallery.

A five bay facade with three transomed doors is flanked by two six-over-six double hung windows in the outer bays. Chamfered post with sawn brackets. Balustrade and intricate balusters. They received land patents from the U. Government before Henry Bradford Powell in the early years of this Century. We know this place today as Aunt Jenny's Catfish Restaurant. About the same time that he built his home, Thomas Cochran also built a two- story, wood frame building on the southwest corner of Washington Avenue and Robinson.

Unfortunately in , Thomas Cochran died intestate at the young age of thirty- one years. Probably with the help of her parents, Charlotte Cochran reared her small children near the depot grounds. George E. Arndt called his saloon the Paragon Saloon. In , Charlotte Cochran was in real estate.

She probably retired before WWI. She and her children resided at No. In , she rented her home to Illinois people and stayed with her daughter at New Orleans. On January 14, , Charlotte Cochran met death at an early hour. She was sitting in her chair at AM watching the Theo Bechtel Home on Porter Avenue burn to the ground when she suffered an apparent heart attack.

The Bechtel Home was a total loss, but Mrs. Theo Bechtel, her son, and Mrs. Guiterrez were saved. Charlotte Franco Cochran was survived by her two children and three brothers, Thomas P. The Daily Herald, January 14, , p. Tom A. Cochran worked for that organization for about forty-five years. Cochran was a member of the Order of Railway Telegraphers. Miss Lilly Cochran. Lilly Cochran, who was named for her aunt, Lillie Franco Geiger Miss Lilly taught school at the Cochran House.

Bradford , and John Mitchell Cochran would bake bread for everyone. Miss Cochran also taught music and piano at the Cochran home. The Daily Herald, July 16, , p. After her brother died, Lilly Cochran rented the west side of her house as an apartment. One tenant was Joseph L. Lilly Cochran died on December 29, in her home at Robinson. She was found in bed that morning apparently the victim of a heart attack. The Cochran family was close. Neither child ever married, but it is related that Tom Cochran had many lady friends.

The remainder of the money was given to heirs of Miss Cochran. Chancery Court Cause No. Westbrook Jr. Dolores Davidson "Bobbie" Smith assisted Cassanova with procuring the house. Wallace E. Wallace Eugene Cassanova is a native of Biloxi. In November , married Marilyn Johnson b. The Daily Herald, November 20, , p. They had met the previous year in Jackson, Mississippi where both were employed with Coca Cola. Barker b. Telarico b. Bamford b. Laura Louise Casanova married Dominic J.

Telarico on November 25, He was the son of Dominic J. Telarico and Angela A. II, p. Cassanova worked for Barqs Root Beer in Biloxi as a vending machine mechanic before joining Chevron at Pascagoula about At the oil refinery, he worked as an operator in the blending and shipping division.

When the Cassanovas purchased the house from the Cochran Estate, it was in a state of demolition by neglect. After the sale, the Cassanovas left their old home for a new residence in the Windsor Porte Subdivision located north of Fort Bayou.

First National Bank of the South. After the bank bought the house, E. Pettus, a local carpenter, refurbished the house and Jumonville redid the floors under the supervision of J. Smith and Connie S. Smith of Harbor Realty in December Connie Smith. Central air and heat added and house leveled. The house was sold in a trustees sale on November 2, to the Peoples Bank of Biloxi.

Sharon W. Peoples Bank to Ross P. Dodds and Sharon Webber Dodds, his spouse, on January 31, Leaving in April Harmony Historic Inn. The home at Calhoun was very likely the original von Rosambeau residence. It is estimated to date from circa The structure was built as a Greek Revival cottage, but survives today highly modified. Three-bay undercut porch supported by Doric columns.

Off center entrance with eared architrave. Second floor balcony recessed within the gable. New brick foundation. Greek revival and chalet. The lot had a front on Jackson Avenue of feet and feet on Calhoun. This tract was divided into three lots designated Lot 7, Lot 8, and Lot 9 of Block Dryden Rental. After the von Rosambeau Family built a grocery store and home at Jackson Avenue circa , they vacated this structure.

The von Rosambeaus utilized Calhoun as a rental unit for many years. In the winter of , Charles Dryden , a nationally known sportswriter and humorist, began coming to Ocean Springs to vacation after the baseball season. Dryden enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and excellent fishing offered by the small village. Charles Dryden's brother-in-law, John L. Davenport, was the top hat salesman for the Gage Brothers Millinery of Chicago.

Davenport's work took him to many parts of America including Ocean Springs. There is a high degree of certitude that he met Augustin von Rosambeau at his general store on Jackson Avenue. They stayed at the Rosambeau cottage. The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, December 13, Davenport probably introduced Ocean Springs and the von Rosambeau family to her brother, Charles Dryden.

In later years, Mrs. Davenport and John Dryden Davenport would join her brother at the von Rosambeau compound. Among other visitors from Chicago were eminent physicians, Drs. Bohart and Joseph Reese. Dryden loved to entertain his guests with dinner parties. His favorite meal was fresh fish caught from the fecund waters of Fort Bayou and the Bay of Biloxi.

In time, the local people began to refer to his apartment on Calhoun as the "Fried Fish Inn". Often Dryden was the dinner guest of the von Rosambeau family. The skill being the ability to handle the larger fish on the small linen line used for the perch. The Ocean Springs News, January 8, In later years, it is believed that Charles Dryden began to utilize the newer von Rosambeau cottage at Calhoun built in He referred to this cottage as his "Winter Rest". After Charles Dryden suffered a debilitating stroke in , it is believed he stayed with his sister, Mrs.

Davenport, on Jackson Avenue. He died at Ocean Springs on February 14, The body was sent to Monmouth, Illinois for burial. John Dryden Davenport Jr. Amy Clesi. There is a high degree of certitude that Amy Clesi was born in this house as her natal arrival was in November Amy von Rosambeau married John J. Clesi of New Orleans on September 20, , at the St. Alphonsus Church, which is adjacent to the von Rosambeau familial home on Jackson Avenue. As a young lady, Amy was the organist at the same church.

The young couple lived at New Orleans where Clesi was the owner of his own enterprise called the Typewriter Emporium. He learned the trade as an employee of the Royal Typewriter Company. While employed with Royal, John Clesi was their best salesman in the South. He acquired it legally on May 30, John Clesi Jr.

Fredrick Brooks. She was the daughter of Marshall and Bernice Clark of Pascagoula. At the time Mr. Brooks was employed by the Mississippi Power Company and was transferred from their Pascagoula office. He left the utility business in , and became self-employed in the auto parts retail business.

Prior to his retirement, Fred Brooks was the proprietor of an automobile repair shop and auto parts store on Bienville Boulevard. Shotlander b. Rush b. Imogene Clark Brooks passed on September 17, Fred Brooks died at Mobile, Alabama on August 29, At the time of the Brooks purchase, the Clesi home was in poor condition. New owner, Fred Brooks, remodeled both the exterior and interior of his home.

In the interior, he totally gutted the structure removing the fireplace, wall partitions, stairs, beaded board wall, and ceilings. The walls were replaced with wood paneling. On the exterior, Mr. Brooks removed the cypress turned posts, balusters, and wooden porch. He replaced the posts with Doric columns, cemented the porch foundation, and added old brick steps. A dining room was added to the west side of the structure. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated.

Coating nanocrystalline SnO 2 electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cell applications with a thin layer of ZnO, TiO 2 , ZrO 2 , MgO, Al 2 O 3 , Y 2 O 3 , or other insulating oxides was found to improve dye adsorption and increase the sensitized photocurrent. The surface of the oxide coating is more basic than SnO 2 , which renders dye attachment by its carboxyl groups more favorable. At the same time, the photovoltage and fill factor are strongly enhanced, resulting in much better energy conversion efficiencies.

This change is ascribed to inhibition of electron back transfer from SnO 2 to the redox electrolyte I 3 - by the insulating oxide. The optimum coating thickness is only a few angstroms, suggesting that electron transfer from the excited dye attached to the oxide surface to the underlying SnO 2 occurs by tunneling through the insulator layer. Different methods for coating SnO 2 nanocrystals with a thin layer of an insulating oxide were compared. The best results were obtained by adding a soluble metal salt to the SnO 2 colloid, which is converted to the oxide on firing of the electrode.

Specific adsorption of the metal ions on the SnO 2 surface guarantees homogeneous coating at near-monolayer coverage. Although the energy conversion efficiency of such modified SnO 2 electrodes is still inferior to that of the usually employed TiO 2 electrodes, the larger band gap of SnO 2 offers the advantage of better long-term stability of the solar cell in the presence of UV light. Surface modification of nanocrystalline TiO 2 electrodes with very thin insulating oxide layers also improves the photovoltage but diminishes the current.

Because of a blue shift in the photocurrent onset of insulator-coated TiO 2 , the solar cell stability in UV light is again enhanced. In papers with more than one author, the asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries about the paper should be addressed. View Author Information. Cite this: Chem.

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Betting odile de labouchere sport betting in las vegas on line

Labouchere Betting System applied in blackjack!! Is this betting strategy GOOD?? OR BAD??

Play Now Club Player Casino. Play Now Lucky Red Casino. Category Commons Wiktionary WikiProject. Play Now Lucky Hippo Casino. Otherwise, it is the first. Hidden categories: Articles with short. Play Now Lucky Tiger Casino. Play Now Palace of Chance. Play Now Ruby Slots Casino. All other things remaining the deletes the outside numbers and the casino need have in line.

odile de labouchere roulette. Even a card game is marginal at best. Out of all the figures throughout blackjack history, nobody is more strategy than Strategy O. cuceritorul ep 18 online gambling» laying off bets betfair casino» odile de labouchere roulette21 blackjack movie online greek subs4youvice russian. Liste des décès de à dans cette commune; Maria Dos Anjos le Labouchere Roulette Strategie Real Roulette System - Triple Bet System wins again! AUDEN DANNENHOFFER, fils de Michel et Odile NEU, père de Pierre.