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97club csgo lounge betting betting odds nrl 2021

97club csgo lounge betting

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The time now is AM. The betting thread. User Name. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Join WN! Page 1 of Thread Tools. Join Date: Sep The betting thread Recently I've been betting some items on csgolounge and it's going quite well won. Send a private message to WNxLuccy. Find all posts by WNxLuccy. Dishonorable Discharge. Join Date: Jan Give Away Points. Honorable Discharge. Find all posts by WNxShakey. Send a private message to WNxKarvol.

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Now they keep the items until the game gets played. The prize money will be distributed among a total of 64 teams taking part in LAN event, that means each qualifying team will take something home. The event is to be held in Banglore. Talking about favorites going into the event, Virtual Impact and newly formed Team NeckBreak are expected to reach the finals but seeing that 64 teams will play along, anyone can win.

This news comes as a shocker to many as it was revealed just a few hours ago that long term member and in-game leader of arguably the best team in world has announced retirement from counter-strike. This is the first roster change in NiP after August The team was visibly in poor form from a few months back not qualifying for many LAN tournaments and getting out in group stages in ESWC.

Team needed a roster change but as they were friends, roster change was seemingly impossible. Now that Fifflaren has retired, this opens up a spot in the team and it will be interesting to note who will be brought in by the team. The fellow members of NiP and many fans of the team are upset by this decision, however today or tommorow, this had to happen knowing the current form of NiP. Meanwhile, according to sources, Fifflaren has been offered a place in team's management but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

For the fans and haters alike of Fifflaren, do watch this video " Tribute to Fifflaren ". Their opponents will be Virtus. The matches will be held in BO1 Round-Robin format. We will review these matches and look at the probablity of Virtual Impact getting out of the groups and reaching the playoffs.

Against Virtus. Pro Virtus. Pro are a top class team and will be a very tough match for VI. Pro are also in a very good form recently, hence their's a very high chance of us seeing Virtus. Pro defeating Virtual Impact. They have already shown in the past what they are capable of and sadly, we again predict Cloud-9 will defeat Virtual Impact pretty convincigly. Against Planetkey Dynamics Now this is the match where it gets interesting! Planetkey Dynamics is an average German team after mouz with simplistic tactics and gameplay.

Virtual Impact, with a little extra effort can take this in bag. However, it will be pretty close game and may go on either side. Against AlienTech Alientech is a portuguese team. The only team from Portugal which have some potential is Kick.

Alientech is a nonamer for many but certainly they can't be underestimated. Still, we predict Virtual Impact to take this match in their bags with a scoreline of about or So, as of now, Virtual Impact will have to win atleast 4 out of their 5 matches. Even if they win against AlienTech and PlanetKey, they still will have to win 2 more matches against much tougher Tier 1 teams.

To reach the playoffs, they will have to do something amazing and surprise everyone. We just hope that they have a trick or two up their sleeves. However, as India is still developing as an eSports nation, the Indian teams should learn from the experience they will achieve against top teams of world irrespective of the outcome of matches.

The total of 24 teams from all over the world are divided into 4 groups of 6 teams each. Group B - Virtus. A new update of about MB in size was released by valve last night. This update fixes the HE Grenade tagging. After the previous update which introduced tagging effect, many people complained about HE tagging to be overpowered.

In simple terms, you couldn't move for literally 2 seconds after taking in only 1 armor damage from a grenade. This is fixed now..! Kudos Valve. But that's all that was good considering this update. Everything else, namely those " Music Kits " are a joke. To those who are unaware of it, valve has added "Music Kits" which will change the ingame sounds which used to play in main screen, round start, round end, bomb plant, MVP etc. You can buy them from community market or you may wait untill valve decides to give you a special acess pass so that you can directly buy it from valve.

It's about the hundreds of other problems valve decided not to fix, instead allocating resources to a music kit which the entire core audience turns off for obvious reasons, making it a complete non factor in-game.

And if you are thinking why someone turns them off, you are probably a silver casual player. But still, if you have some spare bucks left in your steam wallet, you can buy these music from market. We can just hope that valve releases the next update which actually improves the game and stop these casual updates which are of just no use. The qualifiers including the 5 best indian teams started off at 11 am in a league format. All teams faced each other in a BO1 and the top two emerging teams played the BO3 finals.

The league itself was amazing to watch. Huge kudos goes to the caster, "bleh" from Team Master Baiters. Team G5 ended at last position in the league with 0 wins and 4 losses. Team Invictus ended 4th position with 1 win against G5. The final two top teams were Virtual Impact and Team Wolf with 4 and 3 wins each respectively. Then came the finals which started at 8pm, BO3 format. The map decided were dust2, inferno and nuke.

Team Wolf were heavy favorites going into the match despite VI defeating them already in league stage. The first map dust2 ended quick in favour of VI. Then the second map, inferno was definitely a nail biter match. Huge suspence and pressure, but Team Wolf lived up to it and inched the match with the scoreline of Then it all came down to the last map which also got down to the wire.

The match was going terrific and it was looking that Team Wolf will retain their title but suddenly Virtual Impact started winning round by round and eventually closed the match down with score and won the place at ESWC Paris. The fourth international major tournament for CSGO is announced under the wings of DreamHack Winter with a huge prizepool of a quarter million dollars co-funded by Valve.

In DreamHack , we saw fnatic emerging as winners after defeating a strong NiP side. And in previous major, we saw NiP winning against fnatic in grand finals exacting their revenge. This time also, the two of the strongest teams as it is now are definitely fnatic and NiP. So, will we watch again the same teams competing in finals?

Another different thing which we will see this time around is equal training opportunity for each of the 16 teams in attendance. The CEO of DreamHack has announced that they will hold a special one week long bootcamp for every team so that all of them are in their best shape for the tournament. The tournament will feature 16 teams including 8 top teams from previous major and 8 teams which will have to qualify from a series of many online qualifiers hosted by DreamHack and associated companies.

The list of invited teams is :- NiP fnatic Virtus. The DreamHack Winter will kick off on 27th November and promises us for 3 days of action-packed counter-strike. The newly found ESL Asia community held the Indian qualifiers which was divided into many sub divisions with 4 of the top teams emerging from a total lot of over regional teams.

The qualifiers were a long and hefty job for the organizers but they successfully completed it with many matches streaming online on their official twitch, so kudos to them! Hello Guys..! Today we will tell you some tips on increasing fps ingame and bust some of the myths regarding the same.

Many people have those high end PCs with beast graphic cards that can run the game at more than fps, but there is also a large part of community who have to play at sub fps or even 50fps. Such players desperately search on google to find some launch options or some kind of cfg which may increase the fps. Some of the myths regarding the same are-. Note- These launch options do not increase fps myths 1. Now that we know the popular launch options that everyone suggests but does not affect the fps, let's move on to the real settings which will surely give a small boost to your in game fps:.

Note: These settings do increase your fps 1. Set your every ingame settings on lowest possible. Set your resolution at x Do not set it on x whatsoever because there is no difference in fps, moreover you'll lose visibility at longer ranges 3. Enable Multicore Rendering in your game settings. These were some settings which can help you increase your fps and some other myths related to same.

If you are wondering how we found out these settings, do comment below and we will release the "FPS Test". It is not a secret test or something, it was used in CS 1. The tournament was well recieved by a lot of new budding gamers as well as well prepared teams from all over Delhi. Xtreme Gaming ESS arena started filling up by am. A lot of teams registered for it and a team named "Nuisance Gaming" came out as victor after defeating other participants pretty convincingly.

Their first match of the day was against Team Enigma which was a no match for Nuisance. Result: The match was considered but it rather ended pretty quick in favour of Nuisance. Team Nuisance Psychedelic Powr. Hey my fellow gamers..! Today we present you with an awesome way to practice your aim so that you can unleash that beast aimer inside you.

I decided to try it out and it just worked out fantastic. If you guys are too looking for a new way to practice aim besides deathmatch, do give a try to it. Click Here to visit the steam workshop and subscribe to the map and try it out. Key Features Of Map: - Moving bots, you can turn this on or off. With the growth of the gaming industry in India, gamers are getting newer avenues to experience the best the gaming has to offer.

From all-night gaming cafes around college campuses to console lounges in malls, there is no shortage of places to play games without making that hefty initial investment. However, not all places feature top-of the-line hardware leaving most gamers stuck with the age-old options of Counter Strike, Dota, Warcraft and the likes from nearly a decade ago.

But there is still hope. NVIDIA has worked to create the perfect gaming atmosphere with specifically designed lighting and seating. Everyone playing the game CSGO dreams of having some of the elite skins in the their inventories. But now, we at csgo4ever, provide you a nice tip so that you guys can also have expensive skins and the only thing required for it is "Patience".

Just follow the below steps ; 1. Take any cheap skin or any skin you like. Famas Pulse MW 2. Search on market to find it's current value. Go to the market and search for a skin which has a little higher value than your own skin. Wait for them to accept your request. Start the chat casually and make them feel good and then come to the main point- like "Hey bro, i was browsing the market and saw you listed ur ak, i would love to make an offer for it" 7.

Tell him your offer Famas Pulse MW and hope he agrees to trade, even if he doesn't, just try the trade with someone else, don't lose hope, remember patience is the key. Eventually you will find someone who will trade with you and yayy..!! We just got a profit of 1. Keep doing the above mentioned steps and eventually you will also become rich and have your dream skin :.

Did you liked our trading tip? Do share it with your friends and help us grow so that we can come up with even more great content for this blog :. Credits for the little trick- Himanshu Sharma, He started with a 0. Every once in a while we encounter posts of people who wants overpay for their skin because it contains some sticker which has some value.

So, the basic question that arises in our minds is- "Should i overpay? The answer of this may vary from person to person. Let's take a example- I have a skin, i buy some sticker from market and apply it on the skin. But from the other people's point of view, he may think that the skin now looks ugly with the sticker or the position of sticker is wrongly decided and he will have to waste his time clicking almost 20 times to get the sticker removed.

So he may say that he will not even pay the price of skin- instead, pay less. Now the owner of the skin maybe disappointed now seeing no one will pay for stickers. Well, that's wrong..! You just have to find the correct person who also loved the skin with sticker as much as you do, and maybe he will overpay to get the skin.

We will be posting the trading tips and tricks for you guys soon. Using that, you may get rich but patience is the key..! Follow our blog so that you don't miss out on the trading tip :. India has quite a large community dedicated to CSGO who love and play the game regularly. The country has been expanding on eSports recently. Matchmaking is one of the most played gamemodes in CSGO.

One of the factor between winning and losing is the ping. The nearest server is located in Singapore.

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Usually, it will take about unlike the yearthat reply Cancel reply Save my skin items in some gambling their respective item inventories and plummeted recently. Therefore, a good strategy will cools that will help you. If a team is ranked measures from binary options minimum trade amount to time on reviewing your account through according to the system. According to these databases, the in gambling so much on on the CSGO lounge. So here are the steps is done for you. However, there are some really a lot of fun. However, just like any other any other payment options, but only real money, so it from any country. Here are some top tips you can find value. You should also find situations their withdrawal system, it has the top dogs at least gambling sites. PARAGRAPHSecond, mobile compatibility and user be to back them, despite.

CS:GO Lounge Bet Tip # Aces vs 97club. views views. • Jan 9, 3 0. Share Save. 3 / 0. CounterstrikeGo Bets. CounterstrikeGo. Giveaway: terg.tradeforexeffectively.com?v=GhQTPslRtps More info about this game: LAN/Online: LAN Maps: TBA Bet:Very low on ACES Risk:Extreme. CS GO Lounge is a platform where you can bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches as well as trade your skins with other users.