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Hkjc football betting rules in blackjack how to mine bitcoins windows 7

Hkjc football betting rules in blackjack

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Even if you are an avid player of NJ online poker , you will need to learn a whole new set of terms for blackjack. So, we will look into the terms you need to know in order to play blackjack and be successful. So, now that you know how to make an account on an online casino, you will want to know more about how to play the game itself online.

Online blackjack tips will help you make the best decisions possible in order to make the best bets possible. Luckily, blackjack is the online casino game that has the highest chance of paying out for online casino players. Now, you have learned quite a bit about how to play blackjack online. So, we will now look into other ways that you can enjoy online blackjack. For instance, you may be curious about what it means to play live blackjack online. Many online casinos offer live dealer options for games.

With this option, you can join in on a live game that is hosted by a real blackjack dealer in a real casino. So, that means you can get all the benefits of playing blackjack in an online casino from the comfort of your own home. Now, if you have started playing blackjack on an online casino, you may be curious about playing blackjack on an online casino app.

Many online casino customers enjoy playing online casino games through online casino apps. So, you can most likely use the online casino app that has hopefully launched from your favorite online casino to play blackjack. However, keep in mind that some online casinos may not yet have an online casino app launched for their online casino website. Or, the online casino app may not be launched for your device of choice. Also, there is a possibility that all of the games and features from the online casino desktop site will not be available on the online casino app.

These are very important factors to look into when choosing an online casino operator and an online casino app. Another important thing to learn about is the types of blackjack games you can play, both in person and online. When learning to play blackjack online you will need to know about the types of blackjack games and how they differ from each other.

So, we will look into the different types of blackjack games below. The first type of blackjack that you have found out about is classic blackjack. You have already learned the rules of classic blackjack. So, you should be really prepared when it comes to playing a hand of classic blackjack.

With multi-hand blackjack, the same basic tenants of classic blackjack remain intact. However, the player is able to have multiple hands going at once. That way, you can have even more chances of winning. Typical casino blackjack is mostly played with around six to eight decks of the standard fifty two playing cards without the jokers.

But, you can play blackjack with as little as one deck. The same rules as classic blackjack also apply to single deck blackjack. In blackjack switch, the cards are dealt face up from six decks. Players must play with two hands.

And, both of the hands must have equal bets placed. In blackjack switch, only the second card also known as top card dealt to each of the hands can be switched for other cards. But, a player cannot switch a first card from one hand with a second card from the other hand. Progressive blackjack also follows the same rules as classic blackjack. However, there is a side bet with a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot helps make the eventual payout from a winning hand even larger than it would typically be for a blackjack payout.

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Ad Choices. Bet with your head, not over it. Contents Rules to play blackjack online and in-person Best online casinos to play blackjack How to play blackjack online Blackjack terminology Online blackjack tips Live blackjack online Playing blackjack online vs on an online casino app Types of Blackjack Games.

Go to Borgata Casino. Once you open your new BorgataCasino. After you opt-in, make your first deposit; your free bonus will be placed into your account to play with. Go to Mohegan Sun. Claim the eligible bonus manually from within your newly created account after log-in per promotion instructions.

Note to readers: we may earn a commission from the offers and links on this page. How To Play Blackjack Online Now that there are so many online casino options, you must want to play blackjack…. All Participants placing Entries with HKJC Lotteries Limited are deemed to have agreed to accept and be bound by these Rules, all amendments to these Rules, and all determinations and all declarations made pursuant to these Rules from time to time.

The Club may provide certain Facilities to Operators who are authorised by or under the laws of Hong Kong to respectively conduct Betting on horse races, football matches and Lotteries in Hong Kong. These Rules have been made by the Stewards of the Jockey Club in accordance with the Club's Memorandum of Association to govern the provision of the Facilities. These Rules may be amended from time to time by the Stewards of the Jockey Club and such amendments will become effective upon approval thereof by the Stewards of the Jockey Club and shall be binding upon all Backers and Operators who utilise the Facilities in connection with any Betting Activities.

A copy of these Rules is available for inspection on request at the Club's Headquarters and at the Betting Locations, and for study at the Club's website. All Backers and Operators are deemed to have made themselves acquainted with and to have agreed to accept and be bound by these Rules and all amendments thereto.


They can also find legal markets for online gambling that are approved by venues like the Hong Kong Jockey Club. When the online casino is regulated by HKJC, they know that this online casino is really good and trustworthy. HKJC websites always feature the best football and racing bets anywhere in the world so when players see these options in Hong Kong, they just go with them instantly. Football is a massive market for gamblers in Hong Kong as well, players most of the time choose platforms where they can bet on this particular sport.

It comes with no surprise that because of the demand for sport betting online casinos in Hong Kong, the police are cracking down on illegal gambling sites where billions are made every year. However, to find enough authorized platforms with good odds and game selection when doing enough research. So if you really prefer online gambling and not land-based one, Hong Kong has a wide amount of online casinos.

The sites are arranged with bets and odds, exciting in-play interpretation, and customer service which is helpful and responsive. Hong Kong has quite a history of gambling because of the challenges this region went through in past centuries. It became a British colony in At first, Britain appointed a local office and introduced a Western-style government.

During the first year of ruling Hong Kong, gambling was a part of daily indigenous Chinese life. Britain did not ban gambling in Hong Kong due to their own love for it, which is why people still have a tradition of gambling of sorts — They used to have the possibility to gamble whenever they would want to. In the past, there were no casinos or gambling establishments, but people would rather gather somewhere in a house and gamble just for fun. If gambling has a long history in Hong Kong, why is it so dramatized now?

In the past, gambling was some type of social behavior that was deeply connected with the Chinese culture. All these facts are the reason why people in Hong Kong are still betting on horse racing or getting Mark Six tickets, and playing mahjong with friends when they have some spare time and money to waste. By and large, gambling has been a component of free-living for many people for centuries. Why are there exceptions? Legally, Hong Kong residents must play at approved sites.

Everyone who would like to gamble or be included in the Gambling industry must be over Gambling on lotteries and sports is legal if operated and approved by providers. HKJC holds the monopoly on government-approved betting. Gambling motivation and belief in Hong Kong are completely based on the Chinese vision of the gambling motivation scale. It may sound strange for Westerners, but gambling for money is a pretty new concept in the city.

Gamblers who follow the Chinese version of gambling belief tend to have greater benefits from gambling in terms of luck and illusion of control than no-risk gamblers. Risk factors for gamblers in Hong Kong are personality factors, behavioral factors, familiar factors, work factors, social factors, cultural factors, and environmental factors. On those ships, people are allowed to play any game they want. Any casino activities like Poker, blackjack, and different kinds of slot games are allowed there.

People can only gamble when the ship is not in Hong Kong territorial waters though. Sometimes this kind of trip includes shows and different kinds of events too. When gamblers are on a cruise, they are literally trapped. Without any stops, people have no option but to recline and appreciate a few days of relaxation and entertainment. As mentioned, Hong Kong was a British colony until , but some of the laws of mainland China now apply.

The main laws of Hong Kong are still based on English common law which is why certain forms of gambling are legal. Because of this, people always try to find regulated casinos be they online or offline. Because of these facts, People are more drawn to Hong Kong online casinos in general. Yes, not all of them are legal, but one can also play on offshore casino websites if zero risk is the goal.

Despite rules and regulations in Hong Kong, there are still some issues with illegal gambling. Unlike some Western countries where the gambler is usually not at fault for playing on an unauthorized website, Hong Kong holds both parties accountable.

So extra care is absolutely essential. In most cases, people go for land-based casinos rather than choose online gambling in Hong Kong in general. A website on the other hand is much more likely to be found out if it is violating the laws of Hong Kong. Some say that China has seeped in too many of its laws in Hong Kong. Officially, Hong Kong will remain an autonomous region until , after that it has to fully integrate with mainland China.

But the integration has started way too early, as we can already see Chinese gambling laws seep into Hong Kong markets. In Portugal, we are still new to the market, but we are satisfied with the launch and the first results in Our ambition in Portugal is also to be in the top three for online operators.

We hope to reach that by continuing to optimise and improve our product and service offering together with our local team. Germany is a highly competitive market and it is still early days. Our aim is to establish a position and start building our brand.

Given the size of the market and the cultural differences this is a slower process compared to our other markets. We have given notice to the regulator that we aim to apply for a sports betting licence, but like many other operators we challenge the interim solution due to its product limitations.

Few operators believe this is the end of it and we hope that the industry can have a constructive dialogue to find a viable solution for all operators that want and aim to regulate in Germany up until the new regulation in June SBC: What is different between your brand and that of other operators. PZ: We start with our people, recruit local teams that help us to follow a localized approach. We see the differences in each market and adjust our approach according to those while keeping firm to our values.

Our size gives us the advantage of being rather agile. The startup culture is still very present and that supports us in how we approach challenges and change. PZ: Our group policy goes beyond local requirements. We adhere to all relevant rules in countries of operation. However, we have set our own policy which is more advanced in many aspects. This is a strategic decision not only for our company, but I believe for the industry in general. It is about sustainability of our industry.

Problem gambling should not be. We have made a costly yet concise decision to have local in-house customer service teams. This gives us an advantage towards competition. Finally, our focus on technology as we try to keep ourselves ahead of competition from companies of our size. SBC: What is your policy around the prevention of problem gambling? On the contrary, we shall be at the forefront as we aspire to be a source of healthy entertainment to our clients. We have a shared responsibility at a sector level to exceed when it comes to responsible gaming practices.

It is us who should set the standards for the health and safety of our customers. Plus, it makes more sense in every way, not only socially but also financially. So basically, I'm trying to build the environment for people to join Stoiximan and Betano. There are two key examples for me right now. One is in the state of Indiana. We are trying to move at pace and we are somewhat constrained by them, so that's one area. With microservices, the direction of travel there has fortunately made all technology companies that have made those changes more able to cope with jurisdiction-specific issues in theory.

On the other extreme, you may go down to the line of code in the individual. No-one wants to do that. Every jurisdiction is different, probably you can try to categorise and you will find out that there are probably three or four different models. Why did they put this in? Can we change it? Should it be a controlled database? But it also gives me a headache from figuring out what exactly should be built and if you have to build it, will it withstand the check by the authorities?

And so the key is to keep a minimum record of functions and to be able to extend it to have a lot of flexibility and to provide a lot of extension points where you can easily adapt different ways of communicating with the external parties. So we started doing our platform from scratch. Meijer then closed the panel by highlighting the importance of latency for UI, before explaining how Nederlandse Loterij has a different approach to software development.

We are not really into this live betting yet, but of course, we have a UI that needs to be delivered to our customers. What we do is to build a whole interface in between to make sure that all our touchpoints can be reached by certain experience API, a kind of gateway. With fixtures cut from the calendar, a drop in levy fund contributions, media rights falling as a result of the FOBT legislation and even racecourse closures, the racing industry simply must implement drastic changes in order to continue as it does.

One of the key challenges that the sector is currently facing is drawing in an audience beyond its legacy punters, and keeping that audience engaged with the sport. Does racing need to implement cuts? You see an Ashes test match with 17, people watching, you see Cheltenham Festival with 70, on day one, and you might see a few big punters trackside.

Is there anything that the marketing teams at the racecourses can do to increase their audiences or open it up to new people? It exists in those fixtures. If a racecourse is open for 10, 12, 20 days. If we have a better racing product, that in itself starts to solve some of the issues that the industry is having. Ben Keith, Founder of Star Sports, explained that this is merely a repeat of what has happened with greyhound. Space is very much at a premium now. Racecourses have to sweat their assets, and take expert advice on doing so.

Racing has found itself growing across a number of areas, with the recent data agreement between the HBLB and major bookmakers expected to reap the results of lunchtime trials and wider betting data. The Levy Board was supposed to be closing on 31 March , with its responsibilities transferring over to the racing authority.

But with the levy board hopefully sitting between them, we can find a way of transferring over that knowledge between all of the various different groups. That allows us to generate change and push forward. We need a common understanding, we need one version of the truth as to all the different income streams and outputs in our sport. There have been lots of challenges, and with those come plenty of opportunities.

But we will publish the fixtures for the coming year. Even within the betting industry, balancing the interests of high street versus online. Identifying where the growth is, what are the different income streams from the two sports from each of those two elements, it is just becoming that bit more challenging. When quizzed on what we can. According to the commercial director, data for horse and greyhound racing is a product that has been high in demand for SIS from international betting operators across a number of territories, including those which may traditionally not have a rich history of racing.

Historically, over the last. It is a really exciting time at SIS now. Hopefully this gives you a bit of a flavour, but essentially: more money, and more investment going into international expansion. The product has been one of the key drivers in the growth of betting on racing by delivering frequent, quickfire betting opportunities across a number of events.

By delivering betting opportunities. Typically, it is presented. To some, horse racing can appear complicated with all the terminology around the going, handicaps etc. They will often prefer a very simple call to action. So the international product is all about making it quick and easy to engage in a meaningful way for the player. So, that means essentially more revenue, more margin, more wagering activity, and it means a better customer experience for the player.

Competitive Gaming product in And what is unique about the SIS Competitive Gaming proposition is that it is the first esports product that is built specifically for sportsbooks, so the betting principle is built into the mechanics of the product. I believe that as the next generation of players come through the importance of an all-digital, live-event format will deliver a more engaging video game experience. But it does so with no debt, some of the best brains in the business and a pioneering approach to the sports betting sector.

And so it might have come to pass had COVID not emerged to wreak havoc on the global betting and gaming market. And with regulatory change on the cards in its own stomping ground of Connecticut subject to getting the tribes onside , things were looking good. The company noted a statutory pretax loss from continuing operations.

The CEO understandably adopted a more cautious tone in his trading forecast, telling investors that the outlook was uncertain while conceding that COVID would clearly impact the business. Speaking to SBC shortly. We are a leader - a pioneer in our particular business.

Those two businesses have definitely performed very well for us in and we actually. We invested heavily. Players head to New Jersey in particular and play at Meadowlands. Hopefully that will change. At the beginning of March, state Governor Ned Lamont backed one of two bills that would greenlight sports betting in Connecticut.

But it goes directly against the will of the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes who back a second bill granting them rights to take sporting wagers, open a casino in Bridgeport and offer virtual casino. The standoff between the tribes and Lamont is an example of staggering brinksmanship.

The bigger issue is that the tribes have stated unequivocally that they will challenge. So they are allowed to continue slots in their casinos which is huge, clearly. They also get. If the Governor does put this bill through and the tribes follow through with their challenge - it is a huge risk. His assessment is not for the faint hearted. How long are we going to be down and to what extent? Those volumes have been maintained. But the other unknown is are people going to pay what they either owed before or what they continue to owe for the services we provide.

How long can we take this through? Where we thought we were geographically reasonably well diversified, that means nothing with this particular situation. Difficult decisions are going to be made. Nobody knows the timetable - none of us at all - but we are tackling rents, licenses and personnel.

Just to set the scene for European operators; what are the key differences to look out for in the US? CC: The US is a completely different market, in pretty much every respect you can imagine. For starters it's not really one market, there is currently a dozen or so, soon to be 25 or 30 markets. Each one of the states is going to be run in a completely different way.

The economics are different, the technology is different, the players are different, the sports are different, the root to market, marketing - everything about it is completely new. The smart European operators are those asking the questions before they jump in and get themselves into trouble. CC: We're fortunate because we've been in the market for about five years already given our presence in Nevada. We had our platform certified there in so we learned a huge amount. We learned that sports betting is as hard and complicated to do as we thought it would be, if not more than we thought.

For the states and regulators it's something new for them to get up to speed on, and the regulatory environment will evolve very quickly - as it has done already. And we also learned that the casinos, who are essentially the hosts and beneficiaries of most sports betting right now, needed to learn a completely new business. This involves cutting through a thicket of different types of suppliers,. There's lots of money being thrown around, it's actually quite a surprise how much cash has suddenly materialised and is being thrown at marketing, operators - it's quite extraordinary.

SBC: So the key thing for newcomers to the market is that you cannot just. CC: There is no choice. You have to approach each state as a separate market. The Wire Act in itself makes it impossible, illegal even, for you to manage bets across state lines. You've got to do the licensing, the compliance, the certification, the hosting, the reporting, the accounting, the liquidity - everything within the borders of each state. And actually, more so if you're dealing with tribal operators, so then you've got to do it on sovereign land within the state - it's incredibly complicated.

Americas, you said that would be the year of tribal sports betting; can you just explain what you meant by that? CC: It's just straight forward arithmetic. The majority of the casino business in the US is tribal, much bigger than the commercial sector. If you look at the map where the states are regulating, they are states with tribal gaming. Where you've got tribal gaming and sports regulating, you're going to see tribal sports betting. These properties are seriously impressive and they are very forward thinking commercially too.

They are not afraid to make big investments to capture a new market, and they know that their customers want to bet. CC: It's been quite interesting because if you went to Nevada, the only legal market for sports betting until two years ago - there were almost no SSBTs. There were some, William Hill had some, but on the strip almost non-existent.

The culture was betting at the window - if you were to go to Vegas for March Madness or before the Super Bowl - don't be surprised to stand in line for an hour just to get a bet on. And what was really interesting was that when the market opened up outside, particularly in New Jersey, as soon as SSBTs started to appear on the floor players went straight for them.

They didn't need to be educated or persuaded, or have promotions thrown at them, they just wanted the convenience. Now, some of the data we're seeing from our customers shows that when you add SSBTs you just increase volume. It doesn't take away from the window, it adds to it. And the reason is probably just that it makes the whole experience that much more convenient. It's also less intimidating to use a kiosk because you don't feel like.

CC: No, actually the division seems to be the size of the wager. SSBTs by definition are limited on the size of the wager, because of the physical amount of cash people don't want to have to carry around, but also because of the rules around money laundering in title This makes it very difficult for. CC: Another 10 states. SBC: Is this from a company or regulatory perspective? CC: For us, it's the same thing. If a state regulates, our customers expect us to be there and that's what we're doing.

The Golden Race CEO admitted that the primary aim for 3x3 Basketball had been to create a realistic virtual game complete with a wide selection of in-play betting markets, before the opportunity to add pre-game markets and a cashout function became apparent. We took professional players from the US because it's prerecorded, we brought them on the court and showed them the scoreboard for the.

They know what they have to do - the clock is saying one minute to go. So now we offer this too, followed by in-play bets for the first nine minutes of the game. The in-play markets then resume with the action and the cashout function becomes available throughout the final minute.

We are very confident that no-one will follow us because everyone knows Golden Race works with real odds. We had some tests with clients and they were really into it, so this will be the big game for Supporting its expansion across. It takes a bit of time for people to understand these games. Europe, you have to come with simple games and build the trust of the players.

But the US is very new, so we all have to learn how the market works. It's only possible if you're flexible enough like us. However, we were unaware at the time that this official data partnership would produce a new virtual baseball offering for licensed gaming operators in the US and across the world. Readied for what was meant to be the start of the season in March, this concept of year-round engagement could not be more timely given the impact of the coronavirus on the sporting calendar, which of course included the current postponement of MLB matches.

Just like for the in-game betting feed, the virtual game leverages official MLB data. At the time, he explained that Sportradar would be helping MLB. He said that virtual sports are known to create value in emerging markets, especially around partnerships with a real association or league.

Nevertheless, due to changes in technology, perceptions quickly change. So get it up and running in the right way on the right devices, that's the key. This first-of-its-kind virtual offering does just that, and we are excited to bring fans this new entertainment option. EG: EveryMatrix is not suffering as much as sportsbook providers because we have other products such as virtuals and esports, and our casino is not affected - our large casino clients are not seeing less casino volumes, if anything a bit more.

If we were more like a Kambi or SBTech and had the majority of our volumes on sports then it would be worse for us. Our main product is still CasinoEngine, sports comes in second. The first thing for sports is to make sure that you have as good a coverage as possible - so we are putting a lot of effort into this. You have to adapt. One of the biggest sports for us at the moment is table tennis.

We can very quickly add new sports into our sportsbook. While table tennis, as an example, doesn't replace football, tennis etc. SBC: Can you just explain to our readers why the virtual sports are integrated through the CasinoEngine, and not your OddsMatrix product?

EG: This is simply because the CasinoEngine is built to make it very easy for us to integrate vendors. So as you know, we have more than 80 game vendors across slots, live games and also virtual sports. Last year, we added. CasinoEngine is the platform that best supports this. It allows us to then quite quickly add more vendors. When the coronavirus first started, I think we had five vendors already for virtual sports. So the first thing we do is start identifying and contacting other vendors.

And we can quickly increase our offering around virtual sports. The approach we take is that the best thing for the bookmakers is to get as many providers and as much content as possible. This is similar to say live casino. You could say I'm content to have this from Evolution or Playtech, and tailor the setup to those products, or you can say I will integrate content from as many providers as I can.

It's the same with virtual sports. If everything is from Sportradar or Inspired, you can build a lobby to fit with those products. Or you can say, as we're doing, the better. COVID response approach is to get as many games as possible.

For virtual sports, we are doing two things. Add more content as quickly as we can. And the other is to build a front end user experience that goes across vendors so I can navigate between them - for example, I can see virtual horse racing but across four different providers. And the same way for football, tennis, boxing etc. In this way I can showcase the offering from different providers and group them via sport, which is a bit different to most bookmakers adopting more of a single provider focus.

SBC: It seems like every platform provider is rushing to talk up the selection of games that they have to offset a lack of sports; why would the number of games housed by an online casino make any difference to traditional sports punters? EG: You are sort of right. If you already have 2, casino games then adding another probably won't make a big difference.

This is different for virtual sports because the number of. Providers might only have two or three titles, not 50 or They might have football and horse racing, or horse racing and darts that's it. And that's why the benefit of aggregation is much higher when it comes to virtual sports than for casino.

SBC: As virtual sports providers strive to make their solutions as realistic as possible, in some cases incorporating real sports odds, might it be time to integrate the product into OddsMatrix in the same way you do for esports content? EG: Well you could do both. From the. The key thing is that virtual sports are not put into the casino tab, you will not see them hidden amongst all the slot games.

We will make a special main tab so you see it alongside sports, casino or live casino for example. This makes it as easy as possible for the sports player to see the virtual sports offering without having to visit the casino section. The fact that virtual sports are integrated via the casino doesn't mean that the games will be presented as a casino component - we are just using the CasinoEngine for the quickest integration.

It allows us to build dedicated lobbies, as we have done for slots, live dealer, table games etc. SBC: Is the virtual sports cross-sell opportunity bigger for sports or casino players? EG: With virtual sports I am looking at a random number generator RNG , something that is put together in the same way as a roulette or a slot game. The other type of game, which we've touched upon already, that we think will actually work even better in the absence of real sports is esports.

These are actual games being played. There are many titles, of course, but some where the experience is very close to the one you have already for sports betting. For example, you can look at two. There's no RNG involved - it is actual players where the best player wins.

The other big title in this regard is the basketball game NBA 2K. SBC: Sports-based games have been seen as low-level games in the world of esports; might this enforced ban on real sports bring about a change to the pecking order? EG: Yes, I think so. For someone who is not familiar with esports, the first thing you want to bet on is games you understand.

So if you're betting on NBA 2K or FIFA, for example, you can see the stream presented in a nice way, you know the rules, it is very straightforward and includes the same betting markets you are used to. This is where I think it will all start, and we have seen this already.

We've been trying to promote the esports sections more for our clients and the take up has been really good. Particularly these sports titles are taking a lot of the volume, even though they are not the ones with the highest number of events. Now as people get used to this, they might spend time in the esports section and get curious as to what else is available. We're getting into speculation, of course, but for the first few weeks post sports lockdown it is clear that esports has benefited a lot - it has grown almost by a factor of 10 in less than a month.

SBC: On your OddsMatrix platform, punters would still see esports as separate to real sports; might there come a time when these are mixed in? EG: Both options are possible. The main reason to split them out right now is visibility - you want your sports players to notice that there is such a thing as esports. Yet, another thing is that streaming is key for esports.

Almost all live events have a video stream, which is very different to real sports where the live stream is rare outside of the richest bookmakers. In esports, these video streams are readily available, they are free and add entertainment value. That's why you want to have a different look and feel for your esports section. The way we will do it is basically have both options available. Our clients can mix esports into the regular menu, for example placing FIFA next to Football, or keep the two separate.

At this stage, when it comes to capturing a new audience, we think it's best to keep the two concepts apart. We already have a great level of esports coverage but we don't have a separate tab, so this is something we are building now. We are offering it to clients as a new tab, but one you can place next to your existing sports.

It's also good for us because if a bookmaker has poor esports coverage, they can frame the esports tab from OddsMatrix and put it there in the same way as if it was a virtual sports tab or a casino tab. Longer term you might want to do a deeper integration with the sportsbook API, but you.

SBC: These are distinct audiences as things stand, but after this extended period of reduced sports coverage might there not be such a split? EG: Yes, this can happen. As with all these situations, there is a silver lining and there are opportunities to evolve. You can have a sports brand who,. And now they are forced to do it.

In a good scenario, what they will discover is that they can reach out to a new audience and when the regular sports are back they will still have their old audience, but they will have also managed to sell a new experience and build a new audience. In the end, you might have big losses now but a year from now you might. SBC: Final question. How does the betting world look after this crisis is over? EG: It will have quite dramatic effects I think. And of course it depends how long this lasts, but we will no doubt see that some operators will struggle.

We have ongoing consolidation in our industry with bigger brands taking in smaller ones. This will keep happening in the coming months. If you don't have a healthy product margin you will be forced to shut down, which provides impetus for further consolidation in the market place.

So the two main things are to focus better on other products. This includes regular casino - there are sportsbook operators out there not doing well enough in order to promote a world class casino offering. But mainly virtual sports and esports, two products which can bring about long-term positive effects for those who do it well.

Those who react fastest will be in the best situation. And then, of course, the consolidation part too. However, with a history steeped in land-based real-estate, should, or could, live casino be doing more to embrace new technologies? And how much of a role does this play with regards to innovation within the sector. From looking at product launches in recent years and at our product development roadmap, we have embraced these new technologies in the sector.

Live casino is evolving with virtual reality, scalable options and multipliers not available in land-based casino games. It has now beaten all previous in-house records for a game and attracted huge numbers of new players to live casino, many of whom had never played a live casino game before.

What drives us is creating games that players love. If we can use new technologies to deliver the fun and entertainment in the slickest and most impressive way possible to the widest range of players, then great. Every component of the game has to work hand in hand to deliver a fantastic gaming experience. What challenges exist in meeting the differing needs of users across jurisdictions?

And how key is it to achieve a tailored product to meet the needs of players in a variety of regions? So there, roulette is the main game but lottery is also in high demand. Finally, as a responsible operator, we always put that at the forefront of our concerns,. Launching a New Jersey studio in Atlantic City during , the process to build a similar entity in the neighbouring state of Pennsylvania has begun and agreements with new operators for that state have already been struck.

In all markets where we operate, we pride ourselves on having a strong understanding of player needs and local gaming customs. Sometimes that involves creating a very specific game, such as our American Double Zero Roulette. In other cases, it might involve just some small tweaks to the rules of an existing game.

The dice game craps, for example, is an important strategic release and another global first for us. SBC: For our readers who are unaware of the current landscape, can you just explain the current state of play for regulated igaming in the US? DS: The US has been really interesting. NJ is doing fantastically well I think for everyone in igaming. SBC: What are the likeliest states to join the regulated scene in the next year or so? DS: If I had a crystal ball it would be great.

SBC: Picking up on sports betting, do you think the successful spread of this vertical has lowered the barriers for more states to regulate on the online casino side? DraftKings has got a very different type of player to. DS: Super excited. And we see it as a core mechanic of the platform, allowing players to use their free rounds on a wide variety of compatible games.

SBC: In terms of how it works as a bonus mechanic, is it just for your library of titles, or can it be applied. Most free round products that exist in the industry only work on a set amount of content. As Free Rounds is a platform feature that lives on our Open Gaming System OGS , it not only takes care of products that we build through our own studios, but also studios and partners that are integrated in the right way can also take advantage of our Free Rounds product.

Now in the UK and Europe we have something like games that are already Free Rounds enabled across a plethora of different content - so not only our own content but people like Big Time Gaming are using Free Rounds as well. DS: Jackpot Wars is a new innovation. It fuses the world of random number generator RNG casino gaming with the social gaming world.

Essentially, it allows players to interact with the game like they normally would but then actually opting to win a jackpot in a very new and innovative way. Kind of like a fusion of social gaming with RNG, players can then create their own robot, they can create their own features around the robot and essentially enter that robot into a tournament and into a jackpot system that allows them to potentially win a number of different jackpot prizes.

Whether this trend continues or there is a move away from such third-party platforms to operator and. SBC: Are we going to see more suppliers franchise their product? It is more a case of offering different tools or leveraging experiences and technology. So the wording should be considered with this in mind.

What does come across is the need to present and offer faster routes to market while making it easier for new suppliers to offer services, and operators to take on new content. SBC: Is there a case to be made for gaming suppliers to acquire their own platforms? It requires heavy initial and ongoing investment in the technology itself, the integration team to support it, compliance and legal teams that are geared up for various markets of interest and all that comes with it, plus a strong contacts book ready and willing to prioritise your content for integration without delays that cost you money.

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Determining Your Blackjack Bets: A Card Counter's Guide

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Place your online bet with the best blackjack and win now! Here football an in-​depth guide to betfair hkjc bot free Bet rules betting rules Before you get started at​. Despite very clear-cut rules and regulations, there have still been significant As football betting became prevalent, the HKJC became approved to offer it in. HKJC Football is positioned among the top sports betting services in the world with annual bets exceeding US$ billion, roughly equal to.