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Vulcan betting advice baseball

Dave, Thanks for touching base sorry for the pun. The weather truly was awful, we felt so sorry for the kids. Jared had a great time though and feels he learned a lot. He wasn't as bummed as Cynthia my wife and I were thinking and actually said he enjoyed the learning he received. He said he may have gotten more out of that than if he had played games, at least he knows how to look on the bright side. We also look forward to the evaluations as I'm sure does he.

Mark deGuzman. Garrett Fleming. It means the world. My dream of playing college baseball will be a reality. Nick Hagan. It was a first class experience. Mason really enjoyed it all and learned tons of "nuggets" to work on. Thanks again for the opportunity!

Brad G. Powell, DVM. Steve, It was a great experience, Manuel had a blast! He felt that having professional trainers providing feedback and strategies on improving his skills was the best. He enjoyed being on the field all day long with all his team members. Coach Johnson and Bryce were an inspiration for Manuel. As a parent I felt that we got our money's worth do to the excellent training our son received plus it was extremelly organized, quality is the key word here.

Manuel is speechless as he had lots of fun! And he is motivated to play ball at the next level. He is also interested in doing future events with the Baseball Factory. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Erika and Manuel Loera. Hi Steve. Nick had a wonderful time.

He did learn a lot and worked hard. He was exhausted by the end, but extremely pleased. I didn't hear from him that entire weekend until he was at the airport to come home!! I think that's a great indicator of his interest and dedication. My step dad was Nick's companion for the trip and he thought the speech that took place Saturday evening, alone, was worth paying for.

It's a wonderful program Thanks, Julie Vanderwende. Nagler I was thrilled with the turnout of the event in Arizona. The experience was great and the atmosphere was fun. The thing that I liked the most from this tournament was the competition and the teams. The information given by the staff and coaches was very insightful and useful. The experience was probably the most fun thing I have done with baseball in a while!

The idea that there was only one other kid from my state was crazy because there were kids from all over the United States, and one from Canada who was on my team. This experience really helped me with learning the game of baseball more and learning how to become a good prospect and interest in colleges.

Thank you very much Mr. Nagler for this wonderful opportunity I have been afforded. It was fun, helpful, insightful and just an amazing experience. Sincerely, Chris Foster. Hello Patrick, We just wanted to thank you for an excellent week at the UA 18U tournament this past week. Corey had a great time and learned some valuable tools that he will be able to use down the road in the future. He could not have asked for any two better coaches than he had Kent Wright and Jack Lind.

They did an outstanding job with the entire team. I just wish the unforeseen had not happened with his elbow while he was pitching, but the coaches understood and took care of him. Thank you and the staff at Baseball Factory for that. The team did a very good job. Thank you again, Dennis. Josh, He did enjoy the camp and now eager to skip high school and go to college. If life was so simple to just have fun playing baseball. We were happily surprised to see so many other Hawaii kids, some from Leo's school.

Aside from the fun experience he mentioned he learned a lot of good pointers for his position and batting adjustments. We thought the coaches were very positive and provided good one on one instruction. He appreciated the help, especially from coach Mike. The only thing Leo mentioned to change was that he wished it was longer. We appreciated Justin's welcome meeting and making the boys aware of the different programs, his 3 E's approach to sports and life in general. Mahalo, Hoku and Michelle Swartman.

Dear Chris, Thank you for giving me the amazing experience of becoming a part of Baseball Factory, and the opportunity to go to Cape Cod this past week. Going into the week I was nervous about who my roommate would be and if I would be good enough to play against the competition there. Tuesday-Friday was all about the importance of baserunning, individual defense I was a shortstop , the fundamentals of hitting, and controlled scrimmages.

I learned a lot from the great coaches. I also made some awesome friends that I hope to keep in touch with. Thanks again for the opportunity and I hope to be a part of many more! Brendan O'Hara. It was an amazing experience and again it was the life I want to live. Some things I learned while I was there were that during a game if you're positive with a lot of energy the people around you are going to be the same way.

Another thing was that when catching, a good starting point to put your glove is at your knees because it will be at the hitter's knees. For hitting I learned a few drills to do from Coach T, including the pitch recognition drill. Again, I had an excellent time and want to thank you again for recommending me for the event and opportunity!

Sincerely, Santi Garcia. Steve, Hi there we just wanted to thank you again for another great opportunity and great tournament. Dylan had a great time and was all smiles all weekend! The visual acuity test was very interesting. He really valued the information and is already asking if he will get the same report. Thanks for all your staff does to make this such an enjoyable process.

It's a well oiled machine! Sincerely, Belinda McBain. Hi Joe, Thank you for a great tournament that you and your coaching staff organized! The talent was tremendous, the coaching was great, and the entire event was organized and professional.

I'm always impressed with the knowledge of the coaching staff at Baseball Factory and their desire to teach and motivate the student-athletes in a positive training environment. Please let your coaches know that Zac and I appreciate every coach this weekend and the time and effort they gave to Zac.

We really enjoyed the tournament this weekend; the games were incredible and well played, and Zac came away from the weekend with a renewed confidence in his abilities AND a healthy perspective on areas he can improve within his skill set. Zac said its some of the best talent he's faced to date and he's determined to improve his numbers from this year's tournament at a future event. The college recruiting information was informative and Zac and I discussed the information on the way back to the hotel.

We'll certainly talk to Scott over the coming weeks and develop a plan to 'introduce' Zac to some of his 'favorite' colleges. See you at a future event! Tom McNelley. Hey Dave, Just wanted to tell you how much Mattingly and I enjoyed the camp. From a parent perspective, it was great. The whole experience from the dorm rooms to lockers and more importantly, instruction and game play was amazing.

I know matt really enjoyed it and took a lot away from it. Look forward to hearing from you on the feedback you receive about his performance. All the best, Layth. Hi Chris, Hope all is well. Going to be a bit cooler in Arizona this week high of Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know Ryan had an awesome time in CA this past week. He said he learned some new things and the staff was great. The experience also gave him a taste of what college life will be like as well.

I look forward to talking with you soon. Have a great remainder of the week Chris Santarone. Baseball Factory, Our son Nick Cohan has benefited in many ways joining up with your fine organization. He has become a friend as well. The tournaments have been well organized and professionally run and Nick has made some very good friends from across the country participating in these events.

Equally as important, Nick has been able to promote himself in a manner that is consistent with how the colleges want to look for their athletes and that is huge. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Regards, Ross Cohan. Hey Mr. Brown, I hope all has been well these past few months, I actually texted you when I arrived back from Tucson but I don't know if you received it or not so I though I'd send an email.

Even though it was over a month ago, thePre-Season All-American tournament was the best experience of my life, easily. I gained valuable pitching experience and competed against the best, even got a picture with Roger Clemens! Our high school season started last week and I'm liking our team's chances to go far into the playoffs as States are a very realistic shot for us this year.

Good evening Mr. Naddelman and Mr. Andy had a blast in Arizona. The National team he was on was really stacked! It was a pleasure to watch all the players execute 8 DP's, perfect relays and great picks at 1B, etc. All strong players, the scouts I spoke with said it was one of the best teams there.

It was a great experience for a year-old playing with so many top players. Being 'coached' by professional scouts was a real treat. Mr Minetto of the Giants and Mr. Not only were the players top-notch, the parents were friendly and we all cheered for every player - it was like they were a regular summer team.

The only regret was they did not play against the Lone Stars, that would have been a game! Ralph was spot-on: Mr. Regards, Eric Karlan. Louis, MO. It was a very good tryout. At the camp I ran the 60 and I ran a 7. The coaches said that was average for a catcher.

Since the camp I have reduced my 60 time to a 7. I also reduced my pop time. At the tryout it was a 2. You [Baseball Factory] told me I needed to strengthen my arm. You guys gave me a strength workout for playing catch. I have followed this workout everyday. So going off of the strength practice I have reduced my time to a 1.

I just wanted to show you that with a little practice and hard work, good things will happen. Thank you for your time. Hope to hear back from one of the coaches. Dominic DeFeo. Good Morning Dave, Well Andrew made it through his first tournament with your program in Florida and he had a great time and I believe learned a lot.

We did as well. Everyone was great, always taking the time to talk with us about anything. Every coach, any staff member it didn't matter. Everyone always had the attitude that they were there to help. Joe Lake was great. He took time to chat whenever we had questions even though he was extremely busy every minute.

We really appreciated that. We also appreciated his talks with the players, very informative. I especially appreciated the help from his coach Gregg Mucerino. He took the time on several occasions to talk with Andrew but also his dad and myself. Andrew did great, I feel, overall but did have some challenges.

Coach Gregg was very understanding and supportive and made it very clear to me he was there for the benefit of the players and wanting them to do their best. I truly appreciated that. I look forward to hearing from you about Andrew's evaluation. His pitching coach is as well so that we can put together a program for him to work on the things he needs to better prepare for his next event. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Carrie Geisler Foster. I wish every young baseball player could experience what I did.

After the first day I do have to say I was terribly sore from playing all day and the strength and agility was intense. By the end of the camp, the strength and agility came easy to me as did playing all day in the heat. I did take my notebook with me as you suggested and have full pages of stuff to remember about all types of things from hitting, catching, general baseball knowledge and recruiting.

It truly was a great event and I learned a lot from all of the coaches although some of the things I did already know from previous coaching. I feel that I did alright as an individual. I was pleased with my performance but we will see how well I actually did when my evaluations come out. Talk to you soon, Corey Phillips. Thank you so much it was such a great experience wish the weather would have been better but on the other hand my son had the best time he was in cloud nine.

I wished we would have known about Baseball Factory a whole lot earlier but we are going full force with what we got to work with. I hope and pray that he gets in. I can only say he is a born natural, respectful and likes to be challenged. Thank You Baseball Factory. Becky Morin. Hi Patrick, Graham had a great experience in Arizona. Got off to a slow start, but he finished strong. The college search has been very successful.

You may remember that he wants to play football and baseball in college, so he's targeted DIII schools fairly close to home. He's received five acceptances out of six, still waiting on two others, with two academic scholarship offers. He's been recruited to play both sports. Their baseball program is very strong—ranked 17th in pre-season DIII nationwide rankings.

I couldn't be happier with our experience with Baseball Factory. The tournaments at Pirate City and in Tucson were extremely well run. The facilities were great. The coaching staff and support staff were outstanding. As a high school coach of 31 years now, I'm much more attentive to things than the average parent, and I have to say that everything was superb.

I'd also like to thank you, Patrick, for your great communication with us over the past year. You've been very attentive and helpful, and you've offered us honest and timely feedback. Since I'm Graham's high school coach, I wanted him to have an objective assessment so that college coaches would not think I'm swayed by the fact that he's my son.

I couldn't be happier with the thoroughness of the assessment and the attention from you. Thanks again. Dave Wick. He loved it! He told me he had never been coached at the level of coaching he had at Tampa. He has been on a lot of teams and has had a lot of different coaches, but no one has ever broken down the position coaching like the Tampa coaches had. He was tired and sore when we got home, even after working out every day before we left, but that tells me that he gave it all he had!

He watched the training DVD the day after we got back and is going to work with our high school baseball coach to get a daily workout figured out. He is anxious to get his evaluation so that he knows what he needs to work on! Thanks for checking on him! Amy Lieb. Hi Mr. Brown I'm just letting you know that Pirate City, on a personal level, was possibly one of the best experiences that I've ever had.

Going down to Florida really showed me how I may need to work a little harder to get ahead of the other kids, but I know I could have played much better than I did. I just wanted to thank you for allowing to go because like I said that this was probably the best time of my life, and it was way too short.

I'm very excited for Omaha. Chris Geppert. On the last day as we checked out my son Noah, as tired as he was, said he did not want to leave and wished he could stay longer. To me that shows he liked working on his game and had fun with it. I appreciate you telling the kids and parents the reality of things to come and the effort they need to put forth.

I have been trying to tell my son and other kids this same message in my area as I am the President of our local Little League and a coach for my sons travel baseball team. As a dad its sometimes hard for a son to listen to dad say these things so having him hear it from another source will help it sink in more.

As a parent and coach I learned a few things as well so Noah and I can work on them and of course the 3 A's [Academics, Athletics, Attitude]. Again thanks and we hope to see you at future events. Craig Marcoux. I know you and your staff don't hear it enough so Kip had an amazing time today at your tryout in Sanford, Florida -- and us as his parents learned a whole lot!

We are already looking forward to next year or sooner if you have another one! Please keep in touch and let Kip know of anymore upcoming events. We will keep in touch too. Have a great day and thanks again! You truly are making a difference in all the kids future!

What a spectacular program you have! We are so happy we have found your organization! Kip had an amazing experience!!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Kerin Lee Jedlicka-Scott. Great experience. Weather was great, good competition, etc. Christian had a blast and played really well, so his excitement level was pretty high. Brian McRae gave a presentation on Friday night and Christian had a photo taken with him which was very exciting for a year-old who is a baseball enthusiast.

Anyways, just wanted to thank you. It was a great experience and we all loved it. Dear Chris,I loved your camp and my entire experience there. The facilities were excellent and the coaching staff was wonderful as well. I especially enjoyed the camp games. There was a serious feel to them but it was not an overbearing pressurized situation.

They were the perfect suit for a holiday camp. I was overwhelmed by the Pirate City complex and how amazing it was to play in a Major League facility. The all turf fields were something that I had never experienced before but I greatly enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the evening lectures as I believe they were the most critical part of the whole camp.

The one-on-one recruiting was especially important because I am just now beginning that process and that information was critical on how to deal with coaches. I had a wonderful time at the Pirate City Christmas Camp and I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

Sclafani, Its been a little over two weeks since Vero Beach event happened but I'm simply sending you a email to pay graditude for the work and help you did with me in the batting cages out at Dodgertown. I've began noticing since being back in NY that I've applied the changes you showed me in my games and I've noticed that the success rate is much greater due to everything I learned out at Dodgertown.

And lastly just wanted to say that Vero Beach was one of the most amazing weeks of my life baseball-wise due to the amazing staff and also because of some of the staff that I was also with in the Cape Cod event like Coach Mike and Coach Valaraiso and TJ Lopez who never seem to have enough to teach me on things to make me better at the game.

I hope you have good memories of me out in Dodgertown to refelect on. So once again I want to say thank you for the help and adjusments you helped me with in the batting cages and I'm really looking forward to being in the same situation again one day. I just wanted to personally thank you for having me this past week down at Pirate City. I feel that it was a great experience not only to play with great competition from players across the country, but to also be instructed by very knowledgeable coaches.

I learned new things every session during the week to help me become a better baseball player. Thank you for working with me throughout the week and answering all the questions I had. Thank you very much. Thank you for all of your hospitality this past weekend in Jupiter. We enjoyed the event and saw some good players. Was well worth the trip for us, we will return next year as well.

We will be attending the Team One West in California as well as the Trenton event in the near future. Looking forward to continuing to work with you and to many more events to come. Justin Hirsch Hi Steve, Myles had a phenomenal time! Thanks so much, you were a big part of their success!!! Thank you!! Joy Spencer. William Dowe. Hi Steve, Thank you for the report and the scouting information! Carlos De Alva.

Dear Mr. Brown, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to play in Pirate City. There are many pieces of information that I took back from the Baseball Factory coaches and staff. I really enjoyed the intense catching and hitting drills we did. I also enjoyed playing with 13 and 14 year old's on the bigger field.

It was also cool to be able to experience what major league ball players do, how they stretch, prepare and practice and also to be able to hang out with them. I was a little nervous going into this showcase because of my age, but playing with the older players motivated me to push my self more to get better at the game of baseball. Once again I would like to say thank you to you, and the Baseball Factory Organization.

Sincerely, Tony Calvo. Everything you said was true - your stories of the boys who just needed to find his place in the world; the boys who just needed a bit more time to develop and hit their stride. Without your words of encouragement, I am not certain Jacob would be still playing. Jacob ended up at College of the Redwoods. In the fall September - December in intersquads and a few games with outside teams, he gave up 3 hits and no runs.

He started the first game of the season with 5 scoreless innings but then ended up giving up 3 runs in the 6th; coach felt it was still a solid start. Jacob knew he needed to work on stamina so he pushed hard for 2 weeks. Then on Saturday he pitched a complete 9 inning game for a 6 - 1 win. Jacob got a call last week and has been invited to pitch this summer with the Humboldt Crabs, too.

He made the athletic honor roll in the Fall, adores his coaches, has made so many new friends and is having the experience we had hoped for him. In this life, what we all hope for is meaningful work. I hope this note leaves you with the sense that you are doing meaningful work. What you do makes a difference. Marta Channel. Hi Dan, I want to let you know we had a great experience down in Auburndale! I appreciate all you and Baseball Factory have done for Derek. While recognizing he still needs to keep working hard to get better, Derek feels comfortable playing with such a talented group.

Dave Smith. Having attended last year's event and then again this year's event, BF definitely raised the bar from year to year. Cubs Park was a great venue! Many kudos' to you and your organization! Robbie did a great job pitching the last three innings of the last game in Cubs Stadium. A great way to close out for him - 3 innings 5 k's.

Several of your coaches were complimentary of his location with the ball and his breaking ball. Even the home plate umpire complimented Robbie after the game on his pitching performance. His velocity may not have been high but effective with mixing pitches up.

We thank you for the journey with Baseball Factory! We will stay in touch. He will be attending Maryville College in Maryville, Tn. Thanks Chris. Robert Young. Hello Patrick, I hope this message finds you well! From the Opening Ceremony to the last game, the entire experience was a memorable one. Grant was on the "Mountain" team and what a phenomenal group of young men and families. I was so impressed by everyone's work ethic, commitment to the team and camaraderie.

Watching them play, you'd think they'd all played together before Good teammates! I love the idea. In addition, Grant started Game 2 at the Stadium, the Cubs main spring training field. Being Cubs fans, this was a remarkable experience I think Grant was happily overwhelmed by this opportunity. I will send you some pictures once I develop them.

Thank you for your help and guidance on Grant's behalf. It was a truly memorable weekend. All the best, Aimee Messner. Hello Chris, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in Pirate City training and tournament.

I had a great time and met some great coaches and players. The coaches taught me a lot and still made it a fun experience. They really worked on individual problems. When I asked them to look at something and give me feedback, they provided helpful instruction to me quickly. The players who were on my team really got along well and we came together within the first couple hours of meeting each other.

I felt as if I was on a team with players I had known my entire life. In the individual defense, I learned where I need to be positioned for various situations. For example, at shortstop the normal playing position for a right handed hitter is 9 steps towards left field and 6 steps towards third base from second base. On a left handed hitter it is 9 steps towards left field and 2 steps toward third base. Also my coach and I worked on my hitting after the first games on Sunday.

He said my shoulder was coming out before my hands were moving towards the ball. This caused my hips to turn and made me roll over the ball and ground out. When I really focused on that during cage work at night, I got to the point where I could feel myself opening too soon. It became an easy fix and am now able to adjust this quickly. Another thing I learned was in the bullpen.

A coach really talked to me about slide-step from the stretch. He also taught me how to throw a two-seam fastball. The two-seam fastball really worked for me and the slide-step came easy as well. I look forward to putting these skills into play. I look forward to seeing the coaches evaluation in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I will visit the Baseball Factory website for more information on baseball skills and college recruitment.

Thanks, again, for providing me this great opportunity. Sincerely, Alex Rodriguez. Hi Dave, We had a fantastic time in Vero. The experience was well worth it. We only attended the games but everything ran smooth and was well organized from check in to check out.

AJ had a great time. Met and made new friends as well as improving on his baseball. He started out a little homesick and nervous, but fought through it and now wishes it wasn't over so quickly. He to me anyway looks smoother in his fielding and more confident.

His swing stayed the same again seeming more confident. We definitely look forward to the future, and hope he received a good evaluation. He'll be in contact soon, he's still getting caught up in school. Thank you again for the opportunity, Tony and Eva Campbell. Hey Chris,How are you doing? As you know today was my final day at Pirate City, and I had such a great time that I wanted to email you as soon as I could so you have an idea of how much I enjoyed it.

All the coaches were extremely insightful and provided useful tips and information regarding mechanics that I believe can take my ability to the next level through hard work. The facility was awesome and the experience was incredible. I played pretty well in my opinion. I really hit the ball hard almost every at bat while playing solid defensively and I think this tournament has given me some much needed confidence for my high school season.

I even pitched two no hit innings today, which I couldn't have pictured happening when I got here. I'm really glad you presented me with the opportunity to participate in this event and I'm extremely grateful and happy that it was worth it for me. I'll talk to you soon and I'll be keeping an eye out for other events you guys have coming up! Dave, I wanted to take a minute to email you and let you what a good job Jeannette and I feel that Joe Lake does with the boys.

He is extremely patient and very encouraging toward the players while at the same time demanding that they do the best they are able to do. Lake is hardworking, honest and devoted to helping the players perform at the best of their abilities. He took time to speak with the parents who had questions and is very encouraging. With our son being younger, and because of being younger also smaller than most all of the other boys, we always have a concern that he will be brushed aside and not given any attention.

Joe Lake has treated Joe like everyone else demanding that he perform at his best. I want to thank you for asking him to specifically look at that for us and obviously Mr. Lake for following up with that. His throwing velocity although not measured at this event has improved significantly since he was last measured in July.

He has worked religiously on many of the items that he needed to improve on since his last evaluation. He will continue to do so. Thank you, Charles Conti. We would like to thank you and you organization that help to install the confidence and work ethic that one needs to succeed. Thanks Jack Collingsworth Sr. Hi Jesse, Touching base with you since our trip to Pirate City.

First off, thank you for selecting Tanner and giving him this opportunity. I was beyond impressed with the 1st class operation from start to finish. Tanner returned home with an even more positive attitude and mindset zeroed in on his future choices. He thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and I feel like it was well worth the investment.

I am hopeful he will be invited to another event! Tanner also made some great relationships with players and coaches. Thanks again, Toni. Hi Patrick, What an amazing last 4 days! Nick had a good time and worked his butt off. The Cal Lutheran coaches came out to watch him on Saturday and he delivered.

Coaches were yelling 3rd to him so he kept running and was tagged out at 3rd by a perfect relay, but it is how he hit that ball that is most important. He also had another single and a walk in that game. Seems like they are very interested in him.

They kept talking about him getting his application in ASAP. Nick faced the best pitching he has ever seen and held his own for the most part. I cannot believe how many college and pro scouts were out there Friday and Saturday. Thanks again for the opportunity for my boy. Packer, My experience in Arizona was great.

I enjoyed staying with all the players and having responsibilities instead of having my parents do everything. I also enjoyed riding on the bus with the other players like the pros do. I was very happy with the coaches, the way they taught, and also I liked the competition. I haven't faced very good competition lately, so it was good to play some better players. While I was in Arizona, one of my coaches helped me tweak my swing to give me better balance.

I found out that I was too narrow, and he said I should widen my feet, and instantly I had much better balance. In the college recruiting workshop, I learned a lot about how important it was to keep every letter from a college coach, even if it's a small school. I also learned that without good grades, I'm not even eligible to be recruited by college coaches. One of the coaches, Brice Cutspec, told me to play farther off the bag to help out the second baseman with his range.

Coming home from Arizona, I learned how much ability at first base I really had. Also, I realized that I was a better hitter than I thought. Before, I wasn't all that comfortable hitting against guys a lot older than me, now I know I can hit against anybody.

The college workshop really changed my mindset about doing my work outside of practice and games. I learned that it isn't a cakewalk to get to the Bigs. You need to put the work in every single day if you want to achieve your goal. From my point of view, I thought I played well at the plate.

I thought I had a couple of disciplined at-bats. But, I think I need to continue to work on foot speed, and I think I need to adjust to the longer distance from the mound to the plate when I'm pitching. Thank you so much for the opportunity to go to Arizona. I hope I get more opportunities to play in Baseball Factory events. Davis Fouts. Hi Chris, I can't tell you how happy we are with the outcome from joining your organization.

I believe it gave Pat enough confidence to follow his dream of playing ball at the next level. I invite you to please send along my sincere thanks for the support to your entire staff! Money well spent! What Pat took from the lessons and training was more valuable then I can describe. To this day he feels that getting involved with Baseball Factory was the best move he's ever made in the game he loves to play so much!

Please share with Steve and Rob that because of their dreams my son has been afforded an awesome opportunity! One we will cherish forever! Hi Steve,. Just touching base on the Pirate City event last week. It exceeded our expectations with the caliber of individuals the Baseball Factory has on staff. You have a lot to be proud of!

From the time we arrived, the staff and coaches were open, approachable and welcoming to all the boys. They made Sam, as well as the family feel welcome. They immediately spoke to Sam like he was part of the team.. This welcome was followed by the opening comments and speech from Steve Sclafani. As a speaker, you can see his vision and passion for the program, as well as the future of our youth in general. He is inspiring, real, grounded and on-point with the instruction and values that are so important in life and sports, and that we try to instill at home.

We were taken aback, inspired and grateful to see and hear what he had to say. It was quite simply… refreshing. We also had the opportunity to visit with him as he was present and available throughout the weekend. As you know, the Pirate City facilities and the staff are top-notch. The grounds are immaculate. How great to have them available for this use.

As for the coaches, the opportunity to be in the presence of and work with these particular coaches was an honor. Clearly they love the game and are willing to spend their time, and share their knowledge and talents for the future growth of baseball.

Sam particularly felt connection to and enjoyed working with the Red Sox coach and Pirates coach. And the specific instruction and development points they gave him. Could Not be Better! The Baseball Factory team did an excellent job of delivering a great event given the circumstances of the move from PHX. I especially think that it was a serious big-time commitment for Coach Richter to arrange rosters and schedules and catch a late night flight to FLA so that he could be sure to see all of his players in both settings.

That was a first class move and showed us quite a bit about the high caliber of your team! In case no one else says it We will do all we can to capitalize on the opportunities that we have together in the upcoming year or so. I hope that you will be able to share our high praise with the BF team as you deem appropriate. Great, great job managing the changing logistics and delivering a first class event that gave every player there a fair opportunity to be seen and evaluated!

From our perspective, it really could not have been a better experience! Thank you Coach Packer and Coach Richter! Brian, Natalie, and Preston Burnside. Special thanks to Coach Dan, Patrick and Rob! Thank you so so much. This has been the BEST choice we could have made no matter what the outcome is. Sean has made great connections with all of your coaches and as a parent it is always wonderful to watch your child be so happy.

He lite up when he saw all of the coaches. Again, I can't thank you enough Marianne Head. My son got a lot out of it. With the support from his team and coaches I think he held his own. I am starting to see a new and improved him. I don't know where he will end up with baseball but I do know that he will always remember this experience.

Please pass this on to the Dodgertown coaches and speakers. Thank you Reagan. As a parent you never know what an event is going to be like until you get there and witness it for yourself. It was well run and organized and put together with the best interest of the players being first and foremost.

I want to thank you for selecting my son Drew to be a participant and we look forward to hopefully being invited back next year. Thank you, Erik S. Hello, Steve and Dave! He has started to keep a journal and capture goals and steps to take every day to help him achieve them.

He has captured tips and steps from videos to work on during his workouts. Tyler performed well at the Rookie event. Defensively, he did great. He pitched to 8 kids, struck out 5 with no walks and no hits. He struggled a bit at the plate and has feedback on what he needs to work on to move past that.

Sincerely, Lisa Holton. Hello Coach Landis, I felt compelled to email you after reflecting this week on the Rookie event. He started in at the spring training in Arizona, Dodgertown and now a 2x Rookie all American. He has taken away and retained so much from each event! Factory is so much more and you guys go above and beyond. You guys are teaching kids more than just the game and as a parent I appreciate that. We all want our kids to play baseball in college and possibly beyond but you are reminding these kids to be good human beings.

Your speakers at each event have been very influential to him and The culture that Factory has is hands down top notch. There are boys out there that you are impacting and ours is one of them. Very grateful. Tony Govia. Thanks, Bo Spencer. Hi Chris, This is Sandra, Isaiah's mom. Sandra Hernandez. Dear Chris Brown, Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to play in this Baseball Factory event.

Sincerely, Hunter Guy. Dear Chris, We can't say enough about Baseball Factory and you. All the best, Grady Core. Hello I just wanted to follow up with an email just saying how much I appreciated the opportunity to be able to play and showcase my abilities this past weekend.

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All rights reserved. Stop stealing our stuff and ripping off our features, please. Certain headlines thanks to Rotoworld. Weather info Powered by Dark Sky. Usual starter Brandon Clarke has been ruled out due to a calf injury, leaving a hole in the starting five. In 14 games this season, Dieng has averaged 9. Meadows will fill the designated hitter role and bat third versus right-hander Tony Gonsolin and the Dodgers. Hunter Renfroe moves to the bench.

The Rays are 0. Their implied team total is 3. Choi gets the start at first base on Tuesday and will bat first versus right-hander Tony Gonsolin and the Dodgers. Yandy Diaz moves to the bench. Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder A. Pollock gets the start in left field and will bat eighth versus left-hander Benny Snell and the Rays.

Joc Pederson moves to the bench. The Dodgers are 0. Their implied team total is 4. Pederson gets the start in left field and will bat eighth versus right-hander Tyler Glasnow and the Rays. Enrique Hernandez moves to the bench.

Barnes will catch for left-hander Clayton Kershaw and bat ninth versus right-hander Tyler Glasnow and the Rays. Pollock moves to the bench. Log in to numberFire To get the full benefits of numberFire, please log in. Nelson explained his choice for naming the pitch: "It was either going to be Nanu Nanu or the Vulcan.

Spock just seemed like a cooler character than Mork. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of baseball pitch. Retrieved The Telegraph. The Pittsburgh Press. He calls it a changeup. His teammates call it a Vulcan changeup. New York Mets hitters were calling it things that cannot be printed after he sent them cussing back to the dugout time after time last night. Boston Herald. Herald Media. Petersburg Times. Archived from the original on Scouts Inc.

Philadelphia Daily News. They Said It. Sports Illustrated , Time Inc. Baseball pitches. Curveball 12—6 Knuckle curve Screwball Slider Slurve.