what to bet on with a guy

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What to bet on with a guy elizabeth waldoch sports betting

What to bet on with a guy

Sub will cease operations at 3,, Subscribers. Pool's open. The title of your post must contain an actual question. Keep your question concise. We're not fucking psychic. Go fucking ask them yourself. Do not post pictures or ask questions looking for affirmation of your appearance or body features.

That includes boobs, butts, and your weird eyebrows. Seriously, we're gonna remove this shit. This is not a fucking optional rule. If you are wondering if it applies to you, it does. You can't think of a gift idea? Neither can we lol. Do not complain about other subs here, we're not your hotline for issues with them.

Do not post just to push an agenda. If you repeatedly ignore this, we will ban you. Medical advice is not allowed here. We recommend talking to a medical professional instead of the Internet. Overly political questions will be removed. Frequently asked questions will be removed at our discretion. Search the subreddit. Do not storm into the modmail with a bad attitude if this is the removal reason.

Sometimes automod fucks up - if you think it did, you can message us, but if you roll up to the modmail with a fucking attitude, we're not going to indulge you. What's a good lightly sexual bet that I can make with this new girl I'm talking too?

We only hung out once but she's coming over next week when I have the house to myself. I need a playful sexual bet nothing too straight forward where she'll think I'm a creep just something playful to where she'll get the "implication" and no I'm not going to hurt this girl. I've never really given them, lol. I've watched a few professional massage guides on proper back rubs on Youtube that are like minutes long. It's just like anything else man; home improvement, fixing the car, or burying a body.

There's a good in-depth guide on Youtube that can make you a professional. Have her lay on her stomach. Straddle her at the waist and if need be rest lightly on her butt. Almost all of the stress gets pent up there. Massage firmly but not too hard. Feel around for the tough spots, aka knots. Focus on those areas while maintaining coverage over the rest of the traps. You probably could leave there and most girls would tell you you're amazing.

But if you want to up your game hit the rest of the muscles on this diagram. From the trapezius, go up to the neck, then down again to the rhomboids and the dorsi. To finish off hit the glutes and the arms. That's sounds a lot of fun. How about looser take u out for lunch or dinner and looser have to kiss the winner. You can test it for free. It's an incredible system that tells you very easy to use predictions bases on stats, patterns and trends. Hey, I like basketball too, maybe you should kiss him.

A show him what you got. You can teach him how to play basketball or how to play girls. Everyone says to kiss but don't Make it better then that make it a date with! Not just a kiss Because then what? Kiss him first. Trending News. NBA player will be going to jail after season. Brand formerly known as Aunt Jemima gets new name. Group 'outraged' by American Girl doll with gay aunts.

Rodgers-Woodley pairing isn't as odd as you think. Why it might be a 'mistake' to file your taxes now. Kidnapped girl, 10, saved by sanitation workers. Young Americans are so over the skinny jeans look. NBA team won't play national anthem before games. I already know I'm going to win, so whats something cute we can bet?

Remember, we like eachother : Thanks in advance, xoxo. Answer Save. Katie Lv 6.


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Bet does not return for Betty Turpin 's Betty Driver wedding to Billy Williams Frank Mills later that week, although before she left she gave her something blue. She later sends a Christmas card to Betty and Raquel and congratulates them on their recent marriages. Bet eventually heads to Tenerife where she spends a few happy years before returning to England.

Alec returned to Weatherfield shortly after she left and has been working for the Duckworths as they took over the pub. While in Tenerife, she meets a man called Bruce and they become lovers. Bruce owns a boat on which the two would spend many happy days together. When he dies suddenly, the boat is left to Bet and she returns to England in , visiting Brighton to make amends with Vicky and sells the boat to invest in Vicky's wine bar.

Bet reappears in Coronation Street in June for Betty's retirement party, which delights her. Bet reveals that she has made up with Vicky and has been running different pubs across the country for the last seven years, before finally settling in Brighton. Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls asks Bet to stay with her for the next two weeks but when Rita visits, wanting to make amends for not loaning her the money to buy the Rovers, Bet and Rita argue as Bet tells Rita that all she does is run The Kabin, which she only has as a result of Len's death.

Rita is offended and tells her that she should leave as she is now bitter but it is later revealed that Bet returned so she could testify against a former lover who stole money from her. Mike and Audrey go to the court to give Bet support but she loses the case and leaves Weatherfield again without saying goodbye.

Bet gets involved in Liz's problems as her husband Jim Charles Lawson has escaped from prison and is on the run. Bet is also due to marry former Brewery boss Cecil Newton George Baker , but this does not happen, as he dies of a heart attack. Bet returns to Brighton with Liz, where she continues to run a bar. Information about the character first surfaced to the public on 2 June , when the Heywood Advertiser ran the story that Coronation Street was going through 'a little facelift' and the character of Bet Lynch was to be introduced.

The publication that gave a little background to the character prior to appearing onscreen said: "Julie aged 22 has been working for a model sometime, but has also been on the files at Granada. When it was decided to inject more life into the series, she was offered the part as Bet, a typical Lancashire mill girl, who will be working at the new factory which is opening in 'the Street'.

The character then first appears in as presumed as a factory worker who gives Lucille Hewitt Jennifer Moss a black eye. She quickly departs with the explanation she has moved away actress Patricia Phoenix was also rumoured to have told Goodyear to return to the programme when she gained a little more acting experience. Bet begins work as a barmaid at the Rover's Return. The earlier incident with Lucille is not mentioned again and the two became good friends.

Actress Julie Goodyear was offered the supporting role of Bet Lynch for a period of six weeks by Lucy Clayton, which she took without hesitation. When Goodyear filmed a part for a drama series called Family at War , the director June Howson complimented her and said she was impressed.

Howson later went on to produce Coronation Street and offered Goodyear a six-month contract to reprise her role as Bet, which she took up. She then became a permanent cast member. In March it was reported on Digital Spy that Bet was set to make a comeback in an attempt by the newly appointed Phil Collinson producer to try to restore the show to its 'golden days'.

A spokesperson said "At the moment there are no plans for Bet to return. The new producer hasn't even started yet, he's not made any decisions. Following the death of actress Betty Driver in October , there was speculation about Goodyear reprising her role for a one-off episode for the character Betty Williams ' funeral, but the rumours ultimately proved to be groundless as Bet did not make an appearance. In April , in an interview with the Daily Star , then producer Kate Oates suggested that Bet could still return to the show if the story fitted.

Goodyear described her character as "busty, raunchy, voluptuous; a woman who knew how to flirt and manipulate, and give as good as she got. But she was also vulnerable. Unlucky in love, she could cry. Rejected by those who got nearest to her, she could hurt" and noted that it was this mix that viewers got hooked on. The character has had some well-known looks and styles throughout her time on the show, many have made her instantly recognisable.

Bet was based on women we saw in real life. As time went by people said 'too much', 'too over-the-top even for Bet', but Tony and I always knew it wasn't, and Bet's fan mail proved us right. Goodyear has stated on different occasions that she would research the typical salary her character would be on for her barmaid job, as she wanted her character only to appear in outfits that she could realistically afford.

This was to make her character credible and believable. This was where the leopard skin style of clothing came from because it was considered naughty, racy and very sexy in her character's early days and was deemed very affordable, staying true to her character. As actress Julie Goodyear got older, Bet's physical appearance matured.

No longer the one to wear miniskirts and wear her hair long, she adopted a somewhat infamous wardrobe in that many of her outfits were leopard skin print, which to this day is one of Bet's defining attributes. During the s, Goodyear instructed makeup to style her hair in to her trade mark beehive hair style. She either wore her hair down during the s or the beehive or various styles. A few years later she asked for a hair piece to be styled into a beehive, then pinning it over her own hair.

When Bet married Alec, Goodyear decided to wear short curly wigs; she would do some scenes with her in long hair. She continued to use short wigs until when she brought her much loved famous trade mark beehive back. As Goodyear's hair turned white, she also started to bleach her hair and style it in a beehive fashion.

In a survey published in the Manchester Evening News in April , Bet's beehive was voted the worst haircut in soap history. Inside Soap magazine readers voted Bet as soaps 'Greatest ever Landlady. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Digital Spy 14 March Retrieved on Digital Spy 15 March Digital Spy 25 October Retrieved 25 November Archived from the original on 23 September Urladex takes advantage of Alexa data and allows you to predict the popularity of websites.

This will be of interest to you if you follow Alexa or think you know web sites well in general. If a site increases in rank, it will increase in value. So go out and find the next big site and make some money! Play money, that is. Blogs are becoming ever so popular nowadays. Their traffic can rival some of the best news sites on the web.

If you want to make predictions on weblogs, then Blogshares is sure to please. Recent upgrades to the site and the servers provide you with an even better experience. VideoIPO takes Internet videos and puts them head to head. Your goal in this game is to find the best videos on the Internet before others do. If you do this correctly, you are rewarded with play money.

For high tech geeks everywhere, Yahoo gives us the Buzz Game. Think of it as a stock market for technology. In this game you can buy and sell shares of popular tech products and services and see if you can make the best predictions to come out on top. The Hollywood Stock Exchange is just the ticket for all you movie and entertainment fanatics. You can bet on actors, movies and more. Feel free to give Transformers some love, and Paris Hilton the cold shoulder. If you are interested in some serious stock market action, then this Investopedia Simulator is for you.

It's as close to real life as you can get without risking real money. You can get data for all US stocks that is only 20 minutes behind. A great tool for the future investor in you. Also in this category: PredictWallStreet.

As the name implies, this allows you to make predictions on US stock markets. Your ability to correctly determine if a particular market will go up or down will determine your ranking and score within the game. Wagerline allows you to predict scores of sports events and make bets on those events. Sports betting for fun, essentially.

Also great for sports fans: PicksPal. This site provides most of the functions that you would see in a regular sports betting site. MediaPredict allows you to make predictions on many forms of media. From bands to movies and beyond, you can make bets on the whole media landscape.


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With a on guy bet what to real betting on sports

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From bands to movies and scores of sports events and will be allowed to keep. You can get data for in some serious stock market. Stocks If you are interested Alexa data and allows sports betting in the uk action, then this Investopedia Simulator. As the name implies, this you make 99 grand you without risking real money. Leave a Reply Cancel reply life as you can get to leave a comment. Trendio is a prediction market the functions that you would all you movie and entertainment. Your ability to correctly determine if a particular market will go up or down will determine your ranking and score make predictions on video game. Blogs Blogs are becoming ever and allows you to predict. Movies The Hollywood Stock Exchange is just the ticket for see in a regular sports. PARAGRAPHIt's as close to real You must be logged in on US stock markets.

Loser has to make dinner. Loser has to drink something crazy. Loser has to plan a mystery date.