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Employeescreeniq of cleveland is acquired by a new york firm betting arena betting net deposit

Employeescreeniq of cleveland is acquired by a new york firm betting

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With recent changes to federal health care regulations, employers are under more pressure than ever to provide health insurance for their employees, so you can bet most employers are looking for ways to reduce those pricey premiums. Promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle choices can help your employees prevent injuries and avoid serious illness down the road.

It can be as simple and inexpensive as supporting your employees in a walk for charity, hosting a health fair or sponsoring a companywide weight loss challenge. The value in retaining critical employees is beyond measure.

With this in mind, design benefit features to encourage longevity and reward retention. When things get tough, as they often do, it is natural for employers to consider cutting employee benefits to reduce costs. Providing a sound benefit plan for your workforce, especially when times are tough, provides employees a sense of security and reminds them that you are still committed to them.

As a result, they are more likely to remain committed to you and the company long after an economic upturn. Too often, benefit plans are a source of stress for employers. For more information about the company, visit www. The health care lawyer turned health system CEO has been surrounded by industry change and talk of mergers and acquisitions ever since returning to the area in Just a few months later, he stepped in as interim CEO and took the job permanently in Five years earlier, Excela had undergone a merger of four hospitals — Latrobe, Westmoreland, Fricke, and Mercy Jeanette.

Mercy Jeanette has since closed, but the other three remain open, and it has been up to Rogalski to continue the long process of unifying those cultures into one. Here is how Rogalski has helped bring together three systems and form a common culture for future success. With Rogalski at the helm and a new board also in place, the first task at hand was to get together and evaluate the type of culture they wanted to set up for the new entity.

Rogalski and his team spent a great deal of time evaluating how patient-friendly Excela was and whether it was maximizing the patient experience and where the gaps were. Those are the things we are working on now. Another focal point that had to be addressed was the fact that these hospitals used to be competitors and now they were on the same team.

We had to look at where they wanted certain services to be rendered and that type of decision-making was very good and helpful in terms of being able to eliminate intramural competition in the future. The historical competition of the hospitals was another reason that Excela wanted to blend cultures rather than choose one in particular. One of the things we wanted to hold on to were the valuable attributes of both organizations. When evaluating such an in-depth process with many different things to consider in every decision, it is helpful to form a plan to follow and have people that will help you achieve it.

Once you have that definition developed, I think the key is doing the gap analysis. Go through on a unit-by-unit basis and see where you think the shortcomings are. You have to attract the type of people to your institution who have some innate attributes to be selfless and attributes designed to put their own convenience to the backburner.

What Rogalski had to do was to take charge of communicating the new plans moving forward. So we had to try to get everyone to agree that those decisions made a lot of sense, and we tried to explain the reasons why they made sense. Meeting with community leaders and explaining why certain decisions are being made has been a key effort. In the interest of time we have pushed some things through where we could have communicated better.

Try to evaluate your culture and make sure that if you have gaps between the two entities that you try to close those down from an early time period. We also have a very active and engaged board who helps push us on our decision-making as well.

Even when buy-in for a decision is gained and that new direction is implemented, certain decisions are going to impact people differently. In a process where every decision has a big impact on the organization, it is easy to become discouraged or for employee morale to drop. Those sorts of things make it more difficult for us to build morale. Getting morale where it needs to be to buy in to a cultural transformation is one of the biggest challenges for a CEO to face; you just have to continue to build trust.

Boosting morale in a transition such as this is vital and it helps to celebrate the little victories and recognize the employees who get you there. You also have to realize that culture is an on-going process. You have to celebrate the success of the people who bring you the results.

One of my first jobs after graduating college was as a newspaper reporter. It taught me that there is enormous power in public perception. It came from my mentor Jim Cooper. The biographies of the presidents have always been interesting to me. I have a lot of admiration for Harry Truman.

I was impressed with him and the decisions he had to make in some of the darkest hours of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War. I think he was thrust into a very difficult situation and acquitted himself about as well as anybody could be expected to. Chris St. Sometimes fast and furious is a great approach, but occasionally, slower is better. I was channel surfing late-night TV a couple of years ago when my eyes snagged on an especially dour-looking David Letterman. Pausing, I heard him deliver a minute confession that involved adultery, sexual relations with his staff and a blackmail attempt.

The news was unsavory, to say the least, and it had the potential to tank his career. Then it was over. Letterman had dealt with the blackmail attempt by delivering all the bad news himself in a single announcement. There are two main reasons to release bad news quickly.

First, no matter how terrible the news is, it is perceived as a lone event. Ten semi-bad stories are much more damaging than one really bad story that includes the same 10 details. The second reason to release bad news quickly is that it creates trust and may limit the wrath you may face, legal and otherwise, from people who will be affected.

Sitting on bad news is perceived as devious. Waiting only leaves more time for anxiety to spread among the staff. This will be an extremely unpleasant announcement to make, and your employees will not be happy. Tell them personally, and also e-mail a general announcement to the staff.

To compound it, follow up a few days later with a compliment from a client or supervisor referencing the same project. A day or so after that, give them a gift card to Starbucks or another of their favorite venues as a token of your appreciation. Release bad news quickly and good news slowly.

If we can learn to do the opposite, we will have more control over the way the people perceive our business. Did you have any issues? Would you use us again? Although the company strives get it right the first time, if a customer is not percent happy with results, it also offers its COIT 4-R guarantee to reclean, refund, repair and rectify the issue quickly and to their satisfaction.

Brenda J. Clearly define what responsibilities and roles you are delegating. He declined to. Nine12 District. The goal would be to encourage the conversion of empty office space along the corridor to mixed-use residential and retail space and to take steps to enliven the street atmosphere.

He declined to say whether remaining downtown is an option for Ferro. Marinucci said. It has a long history in Cleveland and in downtown Cleveland. Purchasing gift cards through Giant Eagle is a smart way to simplify your life — when you buy popular retailer gift cards, you can earn fuelperks!

Novelis this summer completed the consolidation of its former regional headquarters from Mayfield Heights to its U. Novelis has 40 employees left in Mayfield Heights, but will have no office presence there by next March 31, Mr. Belbin said. A sublease typically may provide a bargain for a new tenant because the original tenant may subsidize some of the rent to reduce the cost of space it no longer needs.

Davis Development Group of Solon owns and developed the building at Parkland. Owner Jeff Davis did not return two calls on the fate of the Novelis space. The space was renovated in , Mayor Costabile said, so the decision by Novelis to consolidate its regional office with its national office was a particular shock. Ferro has owned the 45,square-foot building at the corner of Lakeside and East Ninth Street since Jan. Ted Strickland to hold on to jobs in Ohio over the last four years. American Greetings Corp.

Companies across Ohio will be watching to see the precedent Mr. Kasich sets in his handling of the situation at American Greetings, which has raised the prospect of shipping its headquarters to the Chicago area. But by indicating that it could leave the state altogether — and that it will make its decision known by the end of its fiscal year in late February — American Greetings has managed to put Mr.

Kasich in a box. In our role as a cheerleader for Northeast Ohio, we want to see the state draw on its arsenal of economic incentives to keep American Greetings here. However, we also recognize governments only can go so far in accommodating employers before it no longer pays for them to retain these prized possessions and the jobs they provide. The best scenario would be for American Greetings and officials at the state and local levels to find a middle ground that is livable for the company and the government bodies involved.

We hope a spirit of compromise is present as representatives of all sides discuss how to retain a valued employer and solid corporate citizen in our region. Dan Gilbert seems to me to be come and gone. All fans should returned as a hated member of know whether Pat Riley was the Miami Heat. Now comes news of this Fifth Third Bank settlement. Car buffs may be the only people who remember the European automobile, but it was a Simca dealership that gave Mr. Seidman his start in the car business.

Fifty-one years and 36 franchises later — as Mr. Seidman modestly summarizes on his business card — the founder of the Motorcars Group and his wife continue to share their wealth with the community they love. We applaud these Cleveland natives for their ongoing generosity to the city they still call home. Clark Reliance Corp.

Richard Solon, president and CEO of Clark Reliance, said his company bought Oil Filtration because the Texas business has technology that complements technology Clark Reliance already has and should speed its entry into new markets. Clark Reliance makes filtration.

Oil Filtration makes a filtration system used on-site at mines and major excavation projects. The system filters fuel and lubrication oils used by heavy machinery. Solon said. It also provides technology it can offer to existing customers and gives it a real presence in Texas — something the company long has.

As for Oil Filtration, it needed the resources of a larger company to continue growing, said co-founder and president Duke Cooper. Cooper and his partners started Oil Filtration 11 years ago from his garage, he said, and since have grown it into a person operation. Cooper said he will remain with the company and continue to head Oil Filtration as a division of Clark Reliance.

Neither of the private companies discloses sales, but with more than employees, Clark Reliance is much larger than Oil Filtration. Solon said his company easily could do another similar-size transaction, if the opportunity presented itself, and would like to complete one or two such deals each year. As the communications director to Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge, I would like to point out some things about Rep. In that capacity, she was instrumental in obtaining a three-year moratorium on job cuts, protecting the jobs of hundreds of employees at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland in the most recent reauthorization bill.

She was directly involved in striking down an amendment that precluded all states except Texas and Florida from having a shot at landing a retired Shuttle Orbiter. Ohio now is in the running. The congresswoman and her staff worked very hard to make this happen. She has directed appropriations to benefit almost all of those entities mentioned.

Fudge was instrumental in providing increased funding for work force development training funds, directed through the county. Fudge has been a strong advocate for increased funding for STEM science, technology, engineering and math education for under-represented students, namely girls, Hispanics and African-Americans. In her first full term, Rep. Fudge introduced the first Childhood Obesity. The House approved Rep.

It galvanized community and medical resources nationwide and led to creation of a national council of groups such as the YMCA that continues to focus on the epidemic of child obesity. The event attracted people from nearly a hundred startups and established companies eager for information that could help them grow. Sherwin-Williams Co.

This is a cost-effective, dual-use military and civilian interior paint platform that will render microbiological threats harmless upon contact. Finally, I would point out Ms. I offer this for your consideration. You may not find the congresswoman frequently in the headlines, but please know she gets things done for the people and employers in her district.

More could have been said about the cost of misclassification on individual workers and. For individuals, misclassification often results in wage theft, because true independent contractors are not entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay. More than likely, some of these workers did not receive the minimum wage or overtime pay because they had been misclassified. Misclassification happens at all levels and in a variety of industries.

Misclassification particularly harms low-income workers, who may be unable to pay rent, utilities, medical bills and other necessary expenses because they are not receiving the proper pay. In addition, workers are often hit with huge tax burdens because an employer has not been withholding taxes. Thus, misclassification can be linked to growing poverty in Northeast Ohio. In the community, misclassification harms employers who are playing by the rules. And — as stated briefly in the story — misclassification robs state and local governments of revenue to which they are entitled.

Government entities are losing millions of dollars to dishonest employers who defraud the system for their own gain. In a time when Ohio has significant budgetary problems and increased poverty, we cannot afford to give employers who misclassify workers a free pass. Average companies have scores below Jones Lang LaSalle was rated 1. Even better, our clients gave us an NPS of In fact, our overall NPS was double that of our closest competitor.

Call a Jones Lang LaSalle real estate expert today. See for yourself where we rank. Robert J. Used with permission of Watkins Research Group. Michael Sevilla considers himself the least-anonymous doctor out there. That might come as a surprise considering Dr. Sevilla said. But the emergence of Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other sites in the medical field has spawned so much interest that the Ohio State Medical Association in October issued guidelines to help medical providers navigate the murky ethical waters of social media.

The American Medical Association. The guidelines note that sloshing into social media comes with risks by opening the doors for liability and privacy concerns, and if those lines are crossed, doctors could face litigation or even jail time.

Gillette said. Best practices When Dr. Sevilla started his blog in June , it was — at least to his knowledge — anonymous. For about six months, he posted about experiences with patients and the tribulations that come along with being a family physician.

Once he discovered that nothing on the Internet is truly anonymous with the ability to trace IP addresses, he halted the practice and re-tooled the idea behind the blog. He started to focus more on trends and using the blog to network with other physicians. Those anonymous blogs, however, are still out there.

Mouse to demonstrate their frustrations with new electronic medical records systems. Gillette said a thorny issue for doctors is whether they should respond to medical inquiries on blogs or other web platforms. Those conversations, Ms. To avoid such encounters, the. During one of their first meetings, medical students are reminded of their emerging identities as members of the medical profession, said Kathy Cole-Kelly, a professor of family medicine and director of communication and medicine at Case Western Reserve.

Cole-Kelly said. At Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy in Rootstown, faculty members constantly remind their students of the professional standards to which they must adhere, said Dr. Meanwhile, Dr. Sevilla has taken social media on as his cause. Recently, he spoke at a conference in Hershey, Pa. Doctors have a story to tell, the self-ascribed social media enthusiast noted.

As for Dr. He still has fun at his job. CM Wealth Advisors. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. But behind the new name are the same experienced partners who provide exceptional personal attention, objective counsel and custom solutions focused on growing and preserving real wealth.

CM Wealth Advisors is a wealth management and investment advisory firm. It serves a limited number of high net worth individuals and families, as well as foundations and endowments. If a patient were to pose a medical question, he would urge them to call his private number to discuss the matter in order not to cross any ethical or legal boundaries.

Vinogradsky also has used Facebook, his blog and other social networks to connect with other Russian medical professionals who are looking for advice about where to go or who to ask about practicing medicine in America. Vinogradsky said. Cleveland: A weekly guide to arts and leisure in Northeast Ohio. Tired of Being Screwed? The no-insurance, irresponsible operators are driving the few remaining honest roofing contractors out of business.

Unless the consumer gets wiser, ultimately there will be no one responsible left! We are looking for a few wise consumers. If you fit the bill, call. Legeay and Steven M. Appledorn to senior vice presidents and senior investment advisers; Bradley D. Knapp to vice president, investment adviser; Michael J. Monroe to vice president, senior wealth strategist. Ara Kallibjian to medical director, Wound Center. Jay C. Williamson to chief medical officer.

Carey to associate. Wholey to associate. Peterson to vice president; Elizabeth A. Rader to secretary; John D. Moran to treasurer. Voinovich aide joins Huntington Diane M. Downing, who has served as district director in Cleveland for retiring U.

She will report directly to Dan Walsh, Huntington regional president of the Greater Cleveland market. Walsh said Ms. However, in recent years, Facebook, Twitter and other social media used by many as a means for personal expression have come under the watchful eye of employers. Northeast Ohio attorneys say they are drafting more social networking policies than ever before.

Some of these policies restrict employees from acting as company representatives online. Others prohibit workers from defaming a company or releasing trade secrets and other confidential information. The unfair labor practice complaint has called into question the right of an employer to control what employees say on social media — at least the matters they discuss among themselves — and underscores the importance of careful policy-making. The activity here is reflective of an overall pickup in law firm mergers across the country, said Ward Bower, a principal of Altman Weil Inc.

Altman Weil counted an average of eight mergers during each of the first three quarters of the year. Six weeks into the fourth quarter, however, it already counted nine, and Mr. As of mid-November, Altman Weil counted 33 mergers this year, down from 53 in and roughly 60 in and roughly 70 in The firm expects more than 40 mergers to occur next year and possibly more than 50 in , Mr.

Bower said. One reason: Organic growth is more expensive. The merger will create a firm of 1, lawyers in 37 offices in 17 countries. Maiwurm said. Benesch also expanded earlier this year into White Plains, N. Kaplan said.

Some firms also have posted moderate growth via lateral hiring. The Cleveland firm hired four attorneys in and five this year and now employs a total of 54 attorneys. Since January , Hahn Loeser has hired 43 people, including 20 attorneys.

Twenty-three of the 43 were hired in and around Cleveland and Akron, Mr. Oscar said. Dissecting the growth Historically, Northeast Ohio firms have expanded geographically because the region was recognized decades ago as a market that was unlikely to grow, Mr. Another driver of recent merger activity, he explained, is the consolidation of legal work by clients. Beginning roughly five years ago, firms that may have used a hundred different law firms across the. People, he noted, are seeking stability.

Recent deals, Mr. Ungar said. And Mr. Maiwurm of Squire Sanders said the firm continues to look for opportunities. In an effort to address the increasing legal challenges facing financial professionals, Reminger has developed the Financial Services Professional Liability Practice Group. Services include counseling regarding professional standards, business and professional ethics, firm mergers and dissolutions. We also provide representation in litigation before state and federal courts, FINRA and other regulatory agencies.

Contact Andrew Dorman with any questions you might have pertaining to your professional liability. Evaluate legitimacy of pursuing lawsuit with another party Scrutinize all claims to protect business. Given the general negative context, it is not surprising that business owners and in-house attorneys have an overall disdain for the litigation process.

Unfortunately, this natural aversion has led countless companies to abandon valid claims that may help them recover money, property or otherwise advance their business interests. Of course, not even all legitimate claims ought to be pursued, but they should be scrutinized carefully and treated as company assets throughout the decision-making process.

The failure to do so could be tantamount to leaving money on the table. While business owners generally make the ultimate decision, in-house attorneys or outside counsel can help with analyzing the potential impact that litigation will have on the company. Using a general framework of questions, you can better assess which claims are best resolved through litigation. It also can help make your case to your executives. The following highlights some key considerations in evaluating whether to pursue claims through litigation.

If you do not believe your company is likely to win, do not file suit. Filing a lawsuit that you recognize from the get-go to be a roll of the dice may not necessarily be a good investment. A proper feasibility analysis will require an up-front investment in legal research and pre-suit investigation. The good news is that competent outside litigation counsel can conduct this research and use it to prepare a complaint if the decision is made to file.

As a general rule, litigation is not well advised when the recovery costs are likely to exceed the recovery itself. There are situations, however, when this rule should be disregarded. For example, if the purpose is to preserve a company practice, such as enforcing non-competition agreements or to protect an asset in the case of patent infringement, then the fact that the potential monetary recovery is less than the likely costs is of less consequence.

If the conduct at issue is something your company cannot ignore, then the amount of the potential recovery becomes less critical. Consider whether there are interests, other than monetary, that justify. At the beginning, consider whether your defendant is personally collectible and any potential recovery can be covered by insurance. If the defendant has no money or property, any resulting judgment will be worthless.

In considering whether your lawsuit might draw a counterclaim, consider whether the counterclaim would be legitimate or simply a bargaining chip to facilitate a settlement. You and your counsel usually can figure out what type of counterclaim is most likely, as well as how defensible it is likely to be. If the defendant is likely to sue, consider filing first in order to control the jurisdiction and venue. And do not underestimate the positive public relations that you may get from being the plaintiff.

Like it or not, if your company is the plaintiff, you are more likely to be viewed as the entity that was wronged. Litigation has its ups and downs. Some information gathered during discovery is going to be favorable for your case and some may not.

Your company will receive good discovery and motion practice rulings, and likely some less favorable. Your executives should understand that litigation is going to have intermediate roadblocks, but that it is the long-term outcome that matters.

Do not let management believe that interim setbacks mean that the litigation was a mistake. Sometimes it makes good business sense to sue. Policy: Employers drafting guidelines Lawyers boost efforts to ease ex-cons into society Choosing to monitor. According to the complaint, when the female employee was asked by her supervisor to prepare an investigative report concerning a customer complaint about her work, she asked for and was denied union representation.

Cleeland said. The complaint requests the employer be required to pay Ms. Souza interest on any back pay and other awards. The company, which Mr. Briskin declined to identify, asked the woman to remove the company mention. The woman obliged and continues to work there. Additionally, the Clinic uses a third-party company to help it monitor the blogosphere. Matsen said the Clinic has not had problems with any of its 42, employees making negative posts about co-workers or the Clinic itself.

The top priority in its monitoring is patient privacy, Mr. Matsen said, noting the Clinic has not had a problem with inappropriate posts about patients either. Charles Billington, an attorney for Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP, said he sees clients monitoring sites to protect copyrights and control the use of company names and logos. Also, Mr. Putting it into policy Mr. Many say the policies often require employees to follow other company policies while on social media, for example, not harassing or intimidating others.

Briskin emphasized. With the help of lawyers, the firm added the policy because it was updating its handbook and because it thought it prudent to provide employees guidance. Some attorneys were hesitant to opine on the recent complaint issued by the National Labor Relations Board, noting that no final decision has been made. A regional hearing on the case is scheduled for Jan.

Anderson said employers need to scrutinize their social networking policies now. An incorrect background check. There are all sorts of complications that might be faced by those re-entering society after incarceration. Some Northeast Ohio lawyers, however, have stepped up in recent months to offer their assistance to those facing what often can be a rocky transition back to society from the criminal justice system.

In all, nearly 60 people have been seen during four intake clinics, with more than 15 coming to the first one in August. Sessions are scheduled through July, and the clinics on average have been staffed with two to three attorneys and one law student. The North Star advice clinics, which are targeted toward those with re-entry issues, were modeled after those already held through the Cleveland Homeless Legal.

Ultimately, Ms. Kurdila said the aim of the clinics is to assist with the legal obstacles facing the re-entry population such as financial, child support and expungement issues. Lamb, who is on the board of Towards Employment, has brought together about 25 attorneys to further tackle re-entry issues. In addition to volunteering to staff the advice clinics, Mr. Lamb and his initiative have hopes for an employer awareness seminar in the spring and are aiming to set up a system that would enable exoffenders to review their own background checks for errors.

Go for it. At Roetzel, our attorneys are like our clients - entrepreneurial, innovative and results-oriented. Just ask Lewis Adkins, Jr. Our Northeast Ohio team of attorneys focuses on maximizing opportunities and minimizing risks so you can focus on your business. To learn more, call Lewis directly at Obtaining a patent is an arduous, time-consuming process, one that for Mr. Schmidt said he owns 40 patents, with another 60 working their way through the U.

Patent Office, many of which have been there upwards of six years. Reform Act of , currently in the Senate — is telling. But that figure would rise under the proposed legislation, which offers more road blocks, Mr. Schmidt said. The legislation provides a more formal opposition period, more commonly known as post-grant review. That process, which takes place after a patent is granted, allows challenges from competitors or, as Mr.

Post-grant review takes place after an earlier review, often referred to as issuance of prior art, that currently is in place and will remain. All that, Mr. Schmidt says, will prevent companies like his from obtaining the angel and venture capital funding necessary to move forward with their next idea.

Area patent attorneys say there is no one-size-fits-all effect. The company owns 22 issued patents and has more than 20 others pending in the U. Patent Office. There are a lot of patents out there. You can spend an awful lot of time searching, and get scared to death.

A little more certainty The legislation, backed by a bipartisan group of 25 senators, including U. Sherrod Brown of Avon, likely will not move much from its spot in the Senate during the current lame-duck session. Cupar said, similar to prior legislation, this bill likely will pass at some point over the next two-year congressional term. Cupar and other Northeast Ohio patent attorneys, who agree the process is costly, point to greater predictability provided by the proposed changes.

Proof of willful infringement now would be necessary for enhanced damage awards, limiting the amount parties alleging patent infringement could seek without justification. But proving that competitive injury, and its scale, is another area that concerns Mr. On the other hand, proving competitive injury also may help root out claims by non-practicing entities, or what Ms.

That competitive injury requirement also would apply to false marking, another focal point of the reform act. Dortenzo said. Not just anyone would be able to sue. House of Representatives. Dortenzo wonders if Republicans, battling with President Obama, will restrict his ability to reappropriate to the general fund excess funds in the patent office.

That would be music to Mr. The fees I pay for a patent amount to an invention tax. Crain's Cleveland Business does not independently verify the information and there is no guarantee these listings are complete or accurate. We welcome all responses to our lists and will include omitted information or clarifications in coming issues. Individual lists and The Book of Lists are available to purchase at www.

The sources, one and the sports commisin the real estate business, GCP president sion employs 11 in an the other associated with Joe Roman office in Terminal Tower one of the organizations on Public Square. Cleveland occupies has provided a Positively Cleveland will move highly visible location for its tourist separately and will share space center.

It likely will be looking for with the Greater Cleveland Sports space that offers the same visibility Commission. On Jan. However, he said Mr. In recent months, talk in the real estate community was that GCP would end up in the PlayhouseSquare area, though some hoped the organization would end up closer to the East Ninth Street and Euclid Avenue area, where it could have kicked off revitalization of that part of downtown.

Last May, Mr. Roman said he was notified by Forest City Enterprises Inc. The permanent building is not expected to be completed until A temporary casino in the existing Higbee Building would be able to open sooner. While Mr. The property contains five outbuildings that house arcade games, kitchen facilities, office, locker rooms and storage.

All equipment and fixtures are still intact and sell with the property. There are 17 acres of the site that are available for future expansion. Many upgrades and maintenance items were done in and the park is in operating condition. This is a great opportunity to purchase a turn-key business in the vacation heartland of Lake Erie, Marblehead and Catawba Island at a fraction of the cost to build. Order your holiday turkey now — Solid chocolate, of course!

Tremendous opportunity to play a key role in a dynamic entrepreneurial nonprofit training program. Duncan said. It reported to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. One staffer is a compliance officer, CEO Rick Coe said, though he noted that other employees, including branch managers and mortgage originators, share in the compliance responsibility. Crowley, who noted that in addition to higher compliance costs, there also are higher FDIC insurance premiums to be paid.

Despite these potential hurdles, executives of some of Northeast. McKeon said. He said he now spends two to three times the amount of time he once did dealing with regulation and regulators. There are no such plans for West-. A freeze likely to thaw Portage Community Bank does plan to hire staff to handle new compliance demands. Coe anticipates hiring up to five people over the next three years. Coe noted. Coe predicted. Fedeli agreed.

But while some companies that bowed out last year are back in partyplanning mode, few gatherings will be ostentatious. Borelli said. This could have been the person we let go. However, she said some companies have made pricier menu selections than they dared to last year, which will boost revenue.

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